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Have you ever seen yourself being represented in tv or film? I know as a person with Autism I can say that I haven’t seen myself being represented in a film or television since people with Autism are cast as able body people since Autism is an invisible disability and the only series that will have an actor with Autism is a Netflix series which is set to debut this month sometime.

My biggest concern is for those who are under represented in television and film is it fair to portray something that may not be accurate or hire someone who doesn’t have a disability to protay a role that is accurate in it of itself with giving someone a role who actually has the disability to give an accurate point of view and not just allowing a big name to have the role instead.

When casting directors do this it really hinders those from actually seeing themselves accurately portrayed in film and television.

If this continues it will only continue to limit those who want to be in the industry from getting roles that they can provide in film and television.

Speechless has raised the bar so high for new series to bring up the discussion of disabilities as well as bringing diverse casting as well. Atypical is a series that focuses on an 18 year old who with Autism it will be a coming of age story which it will be headed to Netflix.

The series will be an 8 episode series when it debuts on Netflix later this summer. The series will be a half hour show and it will feature a character named Sam and the series will be from Sam’s prospective and those who watch the series will see Sam looking to gain independence and also love. Sam will be played by a teen who’s on the spectrum as well.

This is awesome news especially as a young   woman who has grown up with Autism. There isn’t enough series that feature Autism. If it wasn’t for Speechless this series may not have came to be.
The series will be available for streaming on Netflix beginning August 11th.

I’m definitely planning on watching this series and I’m looking forward to see how successful this series will be.

We have some exciting news for all you Boy Meet World fans and William Daniels fans! Make sure you stay to tune for more information about our interview with William Daniels that will be coming soon. 

Today, we will be meeting William Daniels in New York City for one of his events. This is something you don’t want to miss out on especially if you are fan. 

We are looking forward to sharing our latest interview with William Daniels. Definitely follow William Daniels on his official Facebook page and his website for all the latest updates. 

The Simpsons honored the people of Paris in Sunday’s episode. It’s great that The Simpsons will be paying tribute to the people of Paris. The episode will feature the now iconic image of unity  which was designed by French graphic designer named  Jean Jullien in the aftermath of the November 13th attacks.

In addition ‘The Simpsons’ have paid tribute to victims of tragedy in the past. In January the creators of The Simpsons  honored the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attacks which in the episode Maggie Simpson was bearing a flag which had the words Je Suis Charlie. We are all coming together and standing by Paris along with other events that happened in the past.


It was announced that Sesame Street will be heading to HBO for the next season 5 which it will still be available on PBS for free which it has aired on PBS for the last 45 years. I think it’s very cool that it will also be available on HBO and PBS.  HBO has signed a five year partnership that would allow HBO to air Sesame Street both on HBO and it’s streaming outlet.

Sesame Workshop will also be creating a spinoff series based on Sesame Street muppets which would be another educational children’s tv series. I think it is awesome that HBO is now starting to include children’s tv series to their programming.

“Sesame Workshop’s new partnership does not change the fundamental role PBS and stations play in the lives of families.” Anne Bentley, a spokeswoman for PBS in a statement.

This is one change that will give more access to Sesame Street. I think this is something that will give more people access to this amazing tv series that children grew up with for many years. I am sure the new spinoff series will also another great tv series for kids. There’s families out there that may not have cable so HBO having a stand alone service could also benefit those who don’t have access to cable so their kids could watch tv. This will give parents the ability to have their kids enjoy the series that they grew up with as kids especially if families don’t have cable for whatever reason this can help give kids the ability to learn and watch Sesame Street which is a classic children’s tv series.

Last night was the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. The episode left me with more questions than answers when it comes to the big reveal of A which totally through myself for a loop especially when I was expecting someone else who was a guy.

I think it’s awesome they made Charles transgender. This is awesome too see a series actually include a transgender character. Before they revealed who Charles was so interesting. I liked the lead up to who Charles actually is. CeCe Drake as a character I would’ve never expected her being A.

The summer finale ended up making me feel like I was lost and lack luster when it came to this big reveal of who actually was. I think A being CeCe Drake through me for a loop since there was a lot of red herrings. I liked how Sara Harvy was involved with CeCe made things more interesting.

Now the time jump will be interesting to see however looking at it from a writers point of view it would be a challenge to have everything still flow.