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Lending a Helping Hand 

Posted: October 2, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Current Events
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We can all think about ways to help others out during different times of need especially when nature disasters occur.

Here’s a few ways that you can lend a hand during times of needs. You can look into organizations that are reputable in nature to make sure that any donations you make go to the appropriate parties.

Lin Manuel Miranda has posted about an organization that is involved in helping those effected in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.  Please do your part to help those effected.  You can learn more about the Hispanic Federation at


There’s a need for those in politics to take a step back and realize that if help goes come into those who were effected by Hurricane Maria those in office will be causing major humanitarian crisis.

There’s also two islands that are apart of Puerto Rico that haven’t even been discussed on mainstream media and they were also effected by the Hurricane Maria as well. There’s no excuse for the lack of coverage when there’s families in the United States mainland that are concerned for their family members.

If the government officials don’t step up it will lead to more loss of life which could be prevented by giving those who are effected by Hurricane Maria access to basic necessities so they can live.

Here’s a full list of organizations that helping those effected by donating to the following organizations:

Global Giving has a $2 million goal for victims of Hurricane Maria.

Save the Children

Catholic Relief Services


Direct Relief

International Medical Corps

United For Puerto Rico


International Medical Corps