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Are you ready for Harry Potter and The Crused Child to come to Broadway? Fans will be going to great lengths to get to see the show. Harry Potter the Crused Child is set to be headed to Broadway. It’s going to be giving other broadway shows a run for their money especially when tickets are already sold out. Yes, they are gone before it’s even in previews. 
This is going to be one show that everyone will want to see just like Hamilton for example. Both shows are very different yet they have a lot of fans and this means when it comes time for press days or promotional days it will be mayhem for all who wants to see the cast. 

Pinkhood would be definitely wanting to see Harry Potter and the Crused Child while it’s on Broadway. It seems like it will be the show to see in 2018.  Is anyone ready for Harry Potter and the Crused Child to come to Broadway? Only time will tell how crazy everything will get once the show opens on Broadway. 

There is an amazing play at Manhattan Theatre Club which is located at New York City’s Center. It is a beautiful play that depicts diversity and Martyna Majok really sparked the thought of how we are really like no matter what your differences are. The play also shows how far people will go to not only help each other however on the flip side the play also shows how far someone can go to get what the want.

I should mention that this is a limited run and it is a thrilling piece filled with a lot of twists and turns.

If you are in the New York City area check it out since it is a play that would spark conversation about the piece as a whole. It is a piece that I found to brilliant as someone who has an invisible disability and it shows how people are a like no matter what your differences are.

The cast is four brilliant actors and two of the actors we here at AMCPress&Co are familiar with from ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival when they had films in ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival two years ago.


‘The Top 10 Places to See in NYC’

Posted: September 30, 2014 by AMCPress And Co in Top 10 Lists
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If you haven’t been to New York City here’s some places we recommend you check out.

1: The Redhead which has been featured on Diners,Drives, and Dives. They have amazing food. Chef Ben really has a great menu.


2: Beautiful- The Carole King Musical which is an amazing musical. Definitely something to see.

3: It’s Only A Play is another amazing Broadway show to see. The cast is amazing. If you are a fan of Rupert Grint see him while you can on Broadway.

4: Shake Shack- Definitely has great burgers and is so worth it.

5: New York Comic Con is a great convention for all those who love all things that are geekery.

6: Strand is a great book store where you can find rare books that you wouldn’t nessacarily find at your local book stores.

7: Drama Bookshop is a book store where you can find books that relates to film, and Theater.

8: Little Italy is a great place to see in New York City. If you haven’t been in Little Italy definitely worth checking out.

9: Soho is a great area to be in . You’ll. get the chance to see all the trendy shops.

10: The Roger Smith Hotel is a great hotel. You’ll definitely have a great experience. The staff is amazing. The rooms are amazing and it gives you a bed and breakfast feel however the hotel gives the guests the best experience possible while you’re stay in New York City.