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Speechless has raised the bar so high for new series to bring up the discussion of disabilities as well as bringing diverse casting as well. Atypical is a series that focuses on an 18 year old who with Autism it will be a coming of age story which it will be headed to Netflix.

The series will be an 8 episode series when it debuts on Netflix later this summer. The series will be a half hour show and it will feature a character named Sam and the series will be from Sam’s prospective and those who watch the series will see Sam looking to gain independence and also love. Sam will be played by a teen who’s on the spectrum as well.

This is awesome news especially as a young   woman who has grown up with Autism. There isn’t enough series that feature Autism. If it wasn’t for Speechless this series may not have came to be.
The series will be available for streaming on Netflix beginning August 11th.

I’m definitely planning on watching this series and I’m looking forward to see how successful this series will be.

This is exciting news for all Bill Nye fans. He will have his own talk show which will be streaming on Netflix.  It is reported the talk show name is ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’. I am honestly excited about his series coming to Netflix since he was apart of my childhood. I hope the talk show will be interesting especially since he is remembered for being Bill Nye the Science Guy . This news was actually just announced on Wednesday.

It was reported by Daily Dot that the show appears that it will help get people interested in science which is similar mission to Bill Nye the Science Guy which so many kids grew up with in the 90’s. Does this mean that the 90’s are coming back at least with the quality of tv series which are currently out. Who’s looking forward to this? It appears that it won’t be out until 2017. I guess there will another series to binge watch.

Did you ever expect that Bill Nye would be getting a series? I know I didn’t expect this since he did appear on Dancing with the Stars.





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Posted: November 7, 2013 by AMCPress And Co in Marvel, Netflix Series, TV Shows and Movies
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It has been reported that Walt Disney Co. and Netflix have announced that they will be streaming Marvel live action series which will a miniseries event. The report by Yahoo that it will kick off in 2015. This news was reported by Yahoo News and TVLine. I’m looking forward to watching the miniseries that will be coming out in 2015.