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Have you ever seen yourself being represented in tv or film? I know as a person with Autism I can say that I haven’t seen myself being represented in a film or television since people with Autism are cast as able body people since Autism is an invisible disability and the only series that will have an actor with Autism is a Netflix series which is set to debut this month sometime.

My biggest concern is for those who are under represented in television and film is it fair to portray something that may not be accurate or hire someone who doesn’t have a disability to protay a role that is accurate in it of itself with giving someone a role who actually has the disability to give an accurate point of view and not just allowing a big name to have the role instead.

When casting directors do this it really hinders those from actually seeing themselves accurately portrayed in film and television.

If this continues it will only continue to limit those who want to be in the industry from getting roles that they can provide in film and television.

I recently read an article about Disney has another movie in the works that is based on the Tower of Terror ride there was talks of making a movie based on Tower of Terror in 2009 however it seemed to stumble at that point. Now though John August came up with a take on the film that more studio’s will like. 

His outline will form the basis of the project and the film will have a Tim burton style to it. The idea is to be more fun than scary and to be a family adventure in the spirit of E.T and The Goonies. Both films are fun for the whole family. It should be interesting to see if this gets off the blocks as a film. It would interesting to see what  John August comes up with. If it is anything like Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy and Haunted Mansion then it should be something I would want to see.