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We all know that yesterday there was an eclipse which North America was the prime viewing area to see this amazing event. 

Yet, there was talk on twitter over those who choose to look up at the sun when knowing that it can cause blindness. This isn’t a joking manner and then seeing how people who were tweeting about collecting social security due to blindness by the eclipse. 

That’s not something to joke about. This is something that makes it challenging for those who are actually have disabilities gaining assistance if they need it. When those can go out of there way to post things of this nature. It tends to make me feel like they think it’s just easy for those have disabilities to just get by. 

Even if they were joking it isn’t a laughing matter when there are people who depending on those resources that are out there to help them live and live an independently. 

Looking up into the sun for no reason won’t get those the outcome they would be expecting if they chose to look without wearing the proper glasses to view the eclipse.