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Uber is back in the news yet again which isn’t surprising to me at all especially when Uber has been known to discriminate against their passages especially those who have mobility issues. 

Uber allegedly had placed service animals within the trunks of their cars. Uber is known for their being a ride share program which is very different from Via which can be found in New York City. 

Uber is facing lawsuit along with many disability advocates speaking out against Uber and their alleged actions against their passengers 

Uber should be held to the same standards like cab companies and follow Americans with Disabilities Act. Something will need to change with Uber since what the company is doing is illegal and can’t go unspoken about. 

Glee’s Lauren Potter won an award from ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival. It was awesome that Lauren was honored at the festival. Opening night film is called Sanctuary which is a comedy and the film is amazing. This was the U.S debut at ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival. 

It was an exciting and the film festival is still going on until the 8th of March. If you are in the New York City area definitely check it out and attend one of their films. You won’t be disappointed! 

United Airlines is back in the news for violating rules which helps ensures passengers with disabilities. This isn’t the first time United Airlines in the news in relation to issues with disabilities. 

United has been fined 2.75 million which was agreed upon by the Department of Transportation.

The fine includes a $2 million penalty for violating rules intended to protect passengers with disabilities. This fine happens to be the largest fines ever levied by the government which is due a non-safety-related matter at an airline. United will pay the Treasury Department $700,000 within 30 days and will receive credit for money it spends to help address the issue.  

Over the past few years other airlines were also fined in relation to how the companies have treated disabled passengers. 

We here at AMCPress&Co hopes that United Airlines makes the proper improvements to help fix the issue at hand. Flying can be challenging no matter if you have a disability or not. In my own opinion it was about time for United to make the proper changes to provide everyone who flies with their company the best flight they can have. What’s your opinion on this issue facing United?

Recently a report came out that the jobless rate for people with disabilities has showed little change for October.  The stats show that the jobless rate for October is slightly higher than September. The report showed that October’s jobless rate is at 10.5% verses September’s jobless rate was at 10.4%.

The economy as a whole has seen a robust growth with 271,000 jobs during the month of October, the Labor Department’s month report indicated however the same agency has also stated the unemployment rate for the general population has dipped to 5 percent.

The feds began tracking the employment among people with disabilities in October of 2008. There isn’t enough data complied to establish seasonal trends among this population, the stats for this group are not seasonally adjusted.

The data on people with disabilities covers the ages of 16 years who do not live in institutions. The first employment report specific to this population was made available in February in 2009. The reports are released on monthly basis.



This past Halloween Target ran ads that promoted disability inclusion within the ads for their Halloween costumes featuring a child who has a physical disability.

The ad was the first ad to include a child with a physical disability by an american chain store. I think this is a long time coming to help promote inclusion in the work place and inclusion for those who have disabilities. I think more stores should do something similar when it comes bringing inclusion to those who have disabilities no matter if they hire more people with disabilities. There is a need for disability inclusion no matter if you are looking for jobs and also setting an example for stores.

I would hope this sets an example for other stores and retailers. This makes an impact on people who go to Target and it shows families who have children who have special needs.

What are your thoughts on Target including a child in their ads that features a child with a physical disability?

A recent report came out about the cuts of benefits for those who have disabilities in the UK. Boy it isn’t good at all. The cuts are hindering people from living their day to day lives. More needs to be done to help people with disabilities. This is terrible news for all those who live in the UK and who have disabilities. This is an injustice to a group of people who matter. 

The UK government thinks these cuts will help people find jobs who have disabilities. This would only make matters worse when it comes to people with disabilities looking for employment. Here in the United States it’s a challenge for people who have disabilities to get gainfully employed. It’s not easy for people to find jobs either. This will only push people into further hardships. For more information please check out the link: