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Are you ready for Harry Potter and The Crused Child to come to Broadway? Fans will be going to great lengths to get to see the show. Harry Potter the Crused Child is set to be headed to Broadway. It’s going to be giving other broadway shows a run for their money especially when tickets are already sold out. Yes, they are gone before it’s even in previews. 
This is going to be one show that everyone will want to see just like Hamilton for example. Both shows are very different yet they have a lot of fans and this means when it comes time for press days or promotional days it will be mayhem for all who wants to see the cast. 

Pinkhood would be definitely wanting to see Harry Potter and the Crused Child while it’s on Broadway. It seems like it will be the show to see in 2018.  Is anyone ready for Harry Potter and the Crused Child to come to Broadway? Only time will tell how crazy everything will get once the show opens on Broadway. 

We have some exciting news for all you Boy Meet World fans and William Daniels fans! Make sure you stay to tune for more information about our interview with William Daniels that will be coming soon. 

Today, we will be meeting William Daniels in New York City for one of his events. This is something you don’t want to miss out on especially if you are fan. 

We are looking forward to sharing our latest interview with William Daniels. Definitely follow William Daniels on his official Facebook page and his website for all the latest updates. 

Who’s ready for the final season of Orphan Black? Orphan Black has been on for four seasons and the final season will premier on June 10th. 

The series as a whole will take you on an adventure with four strong female characters who will look for answers about their exsistance. It’s a brilliant series and BBC America will continue to bring amazing series to light. 

More importantly the series discussed issues that should be discussed more and also brought to light the question of whether it is just to play god. Along with questions those around you amongst accepting others because they are different. 

The series cast really managed bring to tell a beautiful story and keep everyone guessing with each episode. There was never a dull moment each episode. 

It would be great to see the creators bring to life other series in the future since the series was meant to not only raise questions and lead you down a rabbit hole to see each characters struggles. Each character is so complex and those that look innocent may not be as innocent as you would’ve tough if you watched the series from the beginning. 

Ringling Brothers is folding their tents up their tent for good. Ringling Brothers has been a staple in families lives. This is a topic that find to be a closing of many chapters in families lives. It saddens up here at AMCPress&Co since it is like an end of era for us at AMCPress&Co.

They are having a farewell tour which is great way to say goodbye. This can only mean that their will be a lot of people going to see their shows since it would be a closing of a chapter for so many people who have grew up with the circus. We can only hope that those who employ will be able to find work after the farewell tour.

November is going to a great month to go to the movies especially since Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The trailer looks amazing and it will awesome to see Eddy Redmayne in this kind of role especially since he has had diverse roles over the years. 

The cast looks like its going to an awesome film. Plus you do have the ability to get screen play from the film as well. 

Who’s ready For Moana?

Posted: September 15, 2016 by AMCPress And Co in Entertainment
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Are you planning on seeing Disney’s Moana when it’s released? The trailer looks like it’s going to an amazing movie. I do want to see it when it comes out since it is so different from Lilo and Stitch. What are your thoughts on the trailer for Moana?