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Growing up I was faced with struggles when it related back to traveling with my disability which made things challenging not only for me growing up but for my family as well. 
The first challenge I faced was getting as familiar with an area that I wasn’t familiar with in the first place and being a child I heavily relied on maps to get an understanding of how my family was traveling to each destination. 

The second challenge was that I liked to be always on time especially depending on how far away the destination was. 

The third challenge was I had to ask questions about the area in which we were traveling to and as a child it was very repetitive for my parents. 

The fourth challenge was being able to do something while on long car rides or flying. Flying wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me growing up since it was the fear of the unknown. 

The fifth challenge had to be knowing what we would be doing when we arrive at the destination. 

Looking back these challenges I’ve experienced I’ve adapted to each vacation my family took as well and figuring out how much I was able to adapt to each travel experience. 

We recently discussed on The Satirically Challenged Show about how there is an app to help families that have kids on Autism Spectrum Disorder that would help to improve their travel experience and help find areas that their children can feel relaxed at and also find different places that aren’t overstimulating for their children.

*Disclaimer to all of our viewers this is post is about my own experiences I’ve had while traveling as a child. Each person is different when it relates to traveling and everyone has there own experiences.*

Uber is back in the news yet again which isn’t surprising to me at all especially when Uber has been known to discriminate against their passages especially those who have mobility issues. 

Uber allegedly had placed service animals within the trunks of their cars. Uber is known for their being a ride share program which is very different from Via which can be found in New York City. 

Uber is facing lawsuit along with many disability advocates speaking out against Uber and their alleged actions against their passengers 

Uber should be held to the same standards like cab companies and follow Americans with Disabilities Act. Something will need to change with Uber since what the company is doing is illegal and can’t go unspoken about. 

NYC Disability Pride Parade 2017 

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Next weekend is New York City’s Disability Pride Parade which is being held July 9th and Spechless’ own Micah Folwer will be the grand Marshall of the parade which the route is from Union Square and ends at Madison Square Park. 

This will be our second time being at the Disability Pride Parade and it’s an annual event. I wouldn’t miss out at being at this event because it’s a great way to help bring to light awareness of all disabilities and the community does come together which is a great thing that more communities should also start a Disability Pride Parade since it’s also helps bring people together. 

The most important thing is bringing the community together and that’s what matters. 
There’s communities where those with disabilities do not have access to technologies and other resources that would help them to get the most for filling lives they can have with better access fit their needs and each persons needs are different. 
On another note this will be our second year in attendance at the parade. Last year they had different vendors near Madison Square Park which is a great way to learn about what resources are available in New York City as well as different activities that strive to bring people together. Last year there was also different food trucks at Madison Square Park as well. 

Speechless has raised the bar so high for new series to bring up the discussion of disabilities as well as bringing diverse casting as well. Atypical is a series that focuses on an 18 year old who with Autism it will be a coming of age story which it will be headed to Netflix.

The series will be an 8 episode series when it debuts on Netflix later this summer. The series will be a half hour show and it will feature a character named Sam and the series will be from Sam’s prospective and those who watch the series will see Sam looking to gain independence and also love. Sam will be played by a teen who’s on the spectrum as well.

This is awesome news especially as a young   woman who has grown up with Autism. There isn’t enough series that feature Autism. If it wasn’t for Speechless this series may not have came to be.
The series will be available for streaming on Netflix beginning August 11th.

I’m definitely planning on watching this series and I’m looking forward to see how successful this series will be.

There is an amazing play at Manhattan Theatre Club which is located at New York City’s Center. It is a beautiful play that depicts diversity and Martyna Majok really sparked the thought of how we are really like no matter what your differences are. The play also shows how far people will go to not only help each other however on the flip side the play also shows how far someone can go to get what the want.

I should mention that this is a limited run and it is a thrilling piece filled with a lot of twists and turns.

If you are in the New York City area check it out since it is a play that would spark conversation about the piece as a whole. It is a piece that I found to brilliant as someone who has an invisible disability and it shows how people are a like no matter what your differences are.

The cast is four brilliant actors and two of the actors we here at AMCPress&Co are familiar with from ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival when they had films in ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival two years ago.


We recently went to the Human Rights Watch Film Festival premiere of The Grown-Ups Film which is a film that focuses on adults who have Down Syndrome and issues they face to live their life to the fullest in workshop employment setting. 

The film got me thinking how much those in other countries who have disabilities and mental illnesses are treated not as adults but children which is terrible when they want to have the same experiences as an average person who is a nerotypical person. 

There’s a need for changes since they shouldn’t be treated as children when those in the film are 40 years old and older. They want to be able to have a good job and be paid the same as the average person who is doing their same job. 

More countries need to take into account what they are doing and how the common experiences like getting married should be something that those who have significant others want to have someone to share their life with and also have the ability to do so. 

It also made me think of Chile treats those who have Down Syndrome in away where they have no rights when they are capable of working and living their life to fullest. 

One question I asked while seeing the film at IFC Theater Center in New York City was did the film make a societal impact? The director said it did in the sense that the film did help to change a law for employment and minimum wage standards. 

Tonight they are showing this film at Film Society of Lincoln Center if you are in the New York City area please attend this film you will come out of this film thinking about how people are unable to have the same experiences as an average person and how much change is needed. 

For more information about The Grown-Ups you can learn more about the film at