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The countdown is on for ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival is on. Opening night is on Thursday March 2nd. The opening night speaker is Lauren Potter this is exciting news and there will be more to come so stay tuned to all of our social media accounts for all the latest news and updates. 

If you are in the New York City area definitely check out ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival and if your unable to attend the film festival in New York they have other locals in which they hold the film festival as well. 

Did we forget that we also have a code to save it you $4’s for all general admission to the festival which is AMCPRESS2017. 

We will definitely be there and we also reviewed few of the films as well. 

There’s always times in your life where you might feel like giving up. It is very easy to just give up and just feeling lower than you even if it may think you may not have a voice especially when dealing with a the current issues which are currently going on. You can bring to light issues you feel strongly about no matter if it is on a local level.

There is a great need for all of us to be heard and not forgotten about when dealing with current issues that have been on the news. There is a need for more advocates to speak about education, disabilities issues and so many other issues which are very rarely focused on.

We can be heard by contacting local officials and senators. This is one way to hold them accountable and knowing that they can’t keep ignoring their constituents. Their is a bigger need for us to hold those in office accountable.  If we choose to not have a voice and just give up that only means that we will be stuck in situations that we won’t like nor would be acceptable as a whole.  We can stand together and keep raising our voices on issues that we are faced with.





Last year that ABLE Act was enacted. Yes, it’s meant to help people with disabilities to give them better opportunities for prosper in life. There’s changes that are supposedly going to admended into the new law and there’s other organizations that are oppposing the changes. 

The one change that may make it beneficial to those who were diagnosed later in life with a disability. In the end I see it as one change that is minor that can only benefit more people in the end. 

There’s still a need for more changes when it comes inclusiveness in public school systems. Amongst better services for people with disabilities who are in need of psychological care and understanding the clients needs then the prescription drug industry. 

The Feds are proposing a Disability hiring quota. This looks like a good idea however we aren’t sure if this will even prevent disability discrimination when you are applying for jobs especially when there are so many factors involved. 

We here at AMCPress&Co discussed this issue last night on our podcast. We all had our thoughts on this issue. This could be looked at as step in the right direction however we’re unsure how this will help or make things difficult for people who have disabilities to gain employment. You can listen in to our episode at

A recent report came out that relates to the U.S Supreme Court is asking President Obama’s Adminstration to weigh in as it considers whether to take a case which was brought by a family of a girl with cerebral palsy who sought to bring her service dog to school.

The family of the girl petitioned the Supreme Court to take their case last fall.  This week the solicitor general has to provide the federal government’s viewpoint before the Supreme Court has to decide whether to hear this case.

It’s unknown if the family exhausted their options under the Individuals with Disability Education Act in special education disputes with schools before pursuing legal options under the ADA aka Americans with Disabilities Act.

The lower courts have issued conflicting opinions when it comes to this case. The distinction is significant since the ADA does allow the individuals to seek damages however the IDEA doesn’t. The family sued the Napoleon School and the Jackson Countuy Intermediate School District which is in Jackson County, Mich. in 2012. The family is alleging violations of the ADA. It was also noted in the report that the school declined to comment on this matter.

The girl’s dog is a Goldendoofle which the family acquired in 2009 which was specially trained to help the girl who was then 5 years old with balance, opening and closing doors, turning on lights, retrieving dropped items, along with other tasks.

The lower court dismissed the family’s case because the family didn’t pursue an Adminstrative hearing under the IDEA, which has prompted the family to petition the Supreme Court.

We at AMCPress&Co hope the Supreme Court takes the case and allows this case to be heard especially when this girl needs her service dog. Tonight we are discussing this topic. Listen in at

Autism Speaks just announced that they finally have a new president. I am not sure what to think about this announcement since Autism Speaks has marketed Autism when it really shouldn’t been marketed along with Autism Speaks wanting to find a cure for something when it isn’t even possible. I think they should focus on helping those who have it no matter what age you because disabilities do not discriminate when it comes to those who have a disability in general.

We here at AMCPress&Co can only hope they do what is best for everyone who has Autism no matter what age they are. I can only say that we here at AMCPress&Co support those who have disabilities no matter what age unlike Autism Speaks. We don’t approve of what they have done with not including all people who have Autism.. It is hard to see a group not include a group of people that also need help. We hope that things change when it comes to their organization.