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Lending a Helping Hand 

Posted: October 2, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Current Events
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We can all think about ways to help others out during different times of need especially when nature disasters occur.

Here’s a few ways that you can lend a hand during times of needs. You can look into organizations that are reputable in nature to make sure that any donations you make go to the appropriate parties.

Lin Manuel Miranda has posted about an organization that is involved in helping those effected in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.  Please do your part to help those effected.  You can learn more about the Hispanic Federation at


There’s a need for those in politics to take a step back and realize that if help goes come into those who were effected by Hurricane Maria those in office will be causing major humanitarian crisis.

There’s also two islands that are apart of Puerto Rico that haven’t even been discussed on mainstream media and they were also effected by the Hurricane Maria as well. There’s no excuse for the lack of coverage when there’s families in the United States mainland that are concerned for their family members.

If the government officials don’t step up it will lead to more loss of life which could be prevented by giving those who are effected by Hurricane Maria access to basic necessities so they can live.

Here’s a full list of organizations that helping those effected by donating to the following organizations:

Global Giving has a $2 million goal for victims of Hurricane Maria.

Save the Children

Catholic Relief Services


Direct Relief

International Medical Corps

United For Puerto Rico


International Medical Corps

McDonald’s Breaks The Internet? 

Posted: May 3, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Current Events
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McDonald’s just invented a fork that is to be used for French fries. It’s taken over the internet yet we can focus on a fork that is only to be used for French fries. 

McDonald’s is one of those fast food chains want to compete with other companies yet they came up with this. Who really wants to use a fork just for fries? 

They could’ve just came up with something better than this. We know Starbucks came up with the Unicorn frappichino yet McDonald’s wants to get people in the door with fork? 

It seems McDonald’s is trying be as ground breaking as other companies just with a fork? Does this even make sense? It’s unclear what they will do with their newly invented fork and time can only tell. 

Tune into when we ransack McDonald’s for their latest internet fail at this is my own opinion. 

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New Way to Shop

Posted: April 3, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Current Events

Online shopping is definitely changing and we’re not 100% sure if it’s for the better. A pot grower out of Canada is opening their first online store which really puts things into prospective. 

I guess now you can shop on Topshop but also go shopping for weed too. 

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There’s always times in your life where you might feel like giving up. It is very easy to just give up and just feeling lower than you even if it may think you may not have a voice especially when dealing with a the current issues which are currently going on. You can bring to light issues you feel strongly about no matter if it is on a local level.

There is a great need for all of us to be heard and not forgotten about when dealing with current issues that have been on the news. There is a need for more advocates to speak about education, disabilities issues and so many other issues which are very rarely focused on.

We can be heard by contacting local officials and senators. This is one way to hold them accountable and knowing that they can’t keep ignoring their constituents. Their is a bigger need for us to hold those in office accountable.  If we choose to not have a voice and just give up that only means that we will be stuck in situations that we won’t like nor would be acceptable as a whole.  We can stand together and keep raising our voices on issues that we are faced with.





Standing By Paris

Posted: November 16, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Current Events
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We here at AMCPress&Co are holding two shows which relates to the tragic event that happened this weekend in France. Tonight we are discussing the latest news about the tragic event. Our thought are with all the victims and their families during this time. The world is standing by Paris at this time. You can tune in tonight and listen in to these shows at Wednesday night show can be found at