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27th Anniversary of the ADA

Posted: July 26, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Activism, Disability News
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Today marks the 27th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA is a civil law that helps protect against discrimination and ensures opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, State and local government services, public accommodations.

These laws help to give those with disabilities access to accommodations to better access to services for example being in school and needing access to additional time on taking test or someone who can help read the test out to you to better ensure you understand what the questions are on the test.

There was also some reversions which extends the ADA as well as protecting those in the workplace which is needed to prevent discrimination or not having access to assistive technologies which could help an employee who has different needs.

Numerous groups as well as senators are celebrating the 27th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities. You can find out more about the ADA at

*Updated on March 10th*

Day 6 was filled with two amazing films. The first film of the night is called My Feral Heart which was brilliantly done and it didn’t focus on what people with disabilities couldn’t do but what they can do. It is one film we both enjoyed greatly. Please check out the film because it is beautifully done and we want to see it get worldwide attention and distribution. 

Then we went to an industry event which William H. Macy, Maysoon Zayid, RJ Mitte, and along with two casting directors. Their panel was very informative and then they also allowed the audience to ask questions which lead to AMCPress&Co’s James Barmiker to ask one question which was How many actors were in a scene of Shameless which aired this past year then the rest of the panel interjected with comments which raised more questions to Mr. Macy’s comment. James question was more of a casting question which should’ve been asked for to the two casting agents that were present. The panel was great and very informative. 

Then the last film of the night is called View From Tall which is a coming of age film about a young woman who had a relationship with an authority figure who worked at her high school and she developed a friendship with her therapist. The film is highly recommended to see since it is beautifully directed. 

Finding Acceptance with Autism 

Posted: March 5, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Activism, advocacy
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Acceptance doesn’t come easy when you are different. I growing up struggled to find acceptance with myself since I felt that I was alone. As I grew up I knew I had a voice and I can do great things and help others.

As I started to see what I was experiencing I felt that I myself had to self- advocate at that time in my life I didn’t know what self advocating was and is.

My time in a public school was filled with challenges by students and some of staff. The special education teachers had limited resources in comparison with those teachers who didn’t teach special education.

As a child I always liked technology it was difficult for those who were in special education to get to use technology. As time went by in high school the special education teachers were allowed to use technology once or twice from what I would recall.

I started accepting that I am different as I was in my sophomore year where I knew that if I didn’t like what I was being faced with I would be able to help advocate for myself since I wanted to have the chance to be in inclusive classes and yes I know it’s a challenge for other teachers.

As much as I have Autism it doesn’t defy me as a person. I know my voice matters and I’ll keep advocating for myself and others since the need is greater than you would expect especially when you feel like you don’t have a voice. I’ve been able to continue to advocate for myself and over the years I’ve advocated for others as well.  

There’s always times in your life where you might feel like giving up. It is very easy to just give up and just feeling lower than you even if it may think you may not have a voice especially when dealing with a the current issues which are currently going on. You can bring to light issues you feel strongly about no matter if it is on a local level.

There is a great need for all of us to be heard and not forgotten about when dealing with current issues that have been on the news. There is a need for more advocates to speak about education, disabilities issues and so many other issues which are very rarely focused on.

We can be heard by contacting local officials and senators. This is one way to hold them accountable and knowing that they can’t keep ignoring their constituents. Their is a bigger need for us to hold those in office accountable.  If we choose to not have a voice and just give up that only means that we will be stuck in situations that we won’t like nor would be acceptable as a whole.  We can stand together and keep raising our voices on issues that we are faced with.





We shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe no matter what it is. No one should tell you can’t stand up for your beliefs when it comes to concerns you have as a whole especially when you can make a difference. When you are afraid of the unknown you should know that their is a chance where you can be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

There is always way to make a stand by voicing your opinions and standing your ground on what you believe in. No one should feel like they don’t have a voice. When those want to hinder your able to raise your voice you can spark a discussion no matter what the cause you are fighting for.

You can’t feel like you’re not alone because we can all make a difference and it is terrible when people can try to deny those from speaking out on all levels especially if you feel like you have no way of making a difference you can definitely make a change no matter how big or small.  Do not forget that we are human and we can all make a change in the world.


Apple is Making Strides with Acessibility

Posted: November 2, 2016 by AMCPress And Co in Activism, Disability News
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It was just announced that Apple is planning on introducing new features for those who have disabilities. This is great news yet there’s a few questions that came to mind such as how are people supposed to get access to assistive technologies that aren’t on the App Store.

It’s great they are making improvements however there’s still limitations they have on their new macs. There’s times where individuals have to use third party application or software to help them with everyday tasks. 

Do you feel like they are doing the right thing? 

I think time can tell how far the accessibility will go on Apple products. I’m hopeful with these improvements. Tune in tonight when discuss this subject on The Satirically Challenged Show at 10pm Eastern Time.