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United Kingdom Un-Civilized?

Posted: September 11, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability News
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UN recently reported that the United Kingdom is officially an un-civilised country per the UN’s disability report. This isn’t shocking to me at all. The report has stated that the mark of civilized society is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens.  In the past few weeks the United Kingdom has had not just one judgement against the United Kingdom but two. The first ruling came out of Geneva and the second ruling has come straight out of a a London courtroom.

Two weeks ago the United Nations inquiry into the disability rights in the United Kingdom in which ruled that the government is failing in its duties in which included everything down from education, housing and work amongst other things. At this current time there is an overwhelming amount of evidence of a ranger of regressive policy changes that cuts multi-billion pound cuts to disability services in which these programs are meant to help with the people of the United Kingdom that are in need of those services. In the report that the current regressive behaviors are being described the treatment of persons with disability in the United Kingdom as a “human catastrophe”. 

The current actions that the United Kingdom can very well prevented. The activists in the United Kingdom should be speaking out about the current situations that are going on in the United Kingdom since everyone deserves to have the chance to have accessibility to services and not have to worry about being discriminated because they don’t fit to the social norm.

United Kingdom government officials have to step up to protect their citizens. The government needs to see the injustices that they are doing to their own people. The services that they are cutting are vital to the community and those depend on to get services that they will need to live the best life possible.

The government officials need to seriously think of a better way to help make improve services and yet give opportunities for growth of the citizens in the United Kingdom. Tune in tonight at 10pm EST to find out more. Listen in at

R.J Mitte Will Be Headed to NEPA

Posted: August 30, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability News
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We all know R.J Mitte from Breaking Bad as Walter Flynn White Jr. R.J Mitte is an actor, model and advocate. 

R.J Mitte will be headed to Northeastern Pennsylvania to speak as the keynote speaker for the 16th Annual U.S Conference on disaAbility which this year’s conference will be held in Scranton, Pennsylvania at the University of Scranton.  

The town hall event will bring professionals and students a better prospective of the challenges people face as well as showing how services can adapt to the needs of the individuals who are utilizing the services in smaller communities and providing more opportunities for services in larger communities. 

This event will be held on September 28th. If you are in the area don’t miss out on this event since there so much the area can learn from this event. This event will be open to the public as well. The programs that Northeastern Pennsylvania offers definitely needs improvements especially when it relates to OVR or other programs to help those achieve their goals. 

I had the opportunity to see R.J Mitte at ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival when he was apart of a panel. I highly recommend you attend this event. 

News has just came out about how the Feds are stepping into clarify news for special need trusts. The special needs trust will have new level of flexibility and federal officials are ensuring that state Medicaid directors understand the impactications. 

Under the new law that was passed last year, individuals with disabilities can for the first time establish trusts and be able to save money. 

The law that was put into play was made to make saving money easier for those who have disabilities can create a trust for themselves. Previously, the trusts had to be created by third party. 

Federal Medicaid official are offering guidance on what the changes mean for state programs. 

Brian Neale wrote in a letter “A trust established on or after December 13, 2016, by an individual with a disability under age 65 for his or her own benefit can qualify as a special needs trust, conferring the same benefits as a special needs trust set up by a parent, grandparent, legal guardian or court.”

Brian Neale is the director of the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services. He penned the letter this month. Neale also stated in the letter that the other defining features of special needs trust remain unchanged. 

The qualifications as a special needs trust. Brian Neale stated that the trust must contain the assets of an individual with disabilities must be under the age of 65. The trusts have been created to benefit the individuals with disabilities. One of the provisions include that any remaining assets be repaid back to the state upon a person’s death up to the value that the state will provide to medical assistance. 

In many cases many individuals with disabilities will be faced with a cap on their assets to meet to continue to qualify to for Medicaid and other government programs. 

There’s only a few ways that individual with disabilities can be accure more assets without losing eligibility to Medicaid and other government programs. 

Allowing individuals with disabilities to form trust for themselves will give them the supports to gain independence. 

These trust will give more opportunities to individuals with disabilities for the chance to live an independent life without fear of losing their benefits. 


We all know that yesterday there was an eclipse which North America was the prime viewing area to see this amazing event. 

Yet, there was talk on twitter over those who choose to look up at the sun when knowing that it can cause blindness. This isn’t a joking manner and then seeing how people who were tweeting about collecting social security due to blindness by the eclipse. 

That’s not something to joke about. This is something that makes it challenging for those who are actually have disabilities gaining assistance if they need it. When those can go out of there way to post things of this nature. It tends to make me feel like they think it’s just easy for those have disabilities to just get by. 

Even if they were joking it isn’t a laughing matter when there are people who depending on those resources that are out there to help them live and live an independently. 

Looking up into the sun for no reason won’t get those the outcome they would be expecting if they chose to look without wearing the proper glasses to view the eclipse. 

New Law for Captain Orange

Posted: August 20, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in satire
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California is ready with a new law that urges Captain Orange to get himself check out. Good on California lawmakers for stepping up purposing a bill that will only help the American people to see if there is something wrong with Captain Orange. 

This does sound like Captain Orange will be headed into seeing a doctor to check out. 

He might not be pleased but those opposed Captain Orange will love this news that’s for sure. 

Some may not like this turn of events. I guess now it’s up to Captain Orange to go on twitter and do a rant or better yet more states end up putting new laws in effect that would clearly put a damper on Captain Orange. 

We all know about Brexit…. Disability Rights might be on the line in the United Kingdom since the EU has been a strong influence when it relates to safeguarding rights for people with disabilities. The EU has played a key role in legislation that was put into place in the United Kingdom.

The legislations that were put in place with the influence of the European Union which helped to put these safeguards into place to protect people with disabilities within England.

These safe guards are put into place for a reason and if those who play key roles in government are wanting to pull laws and acts that are meant to help people will cause outrage in which it is needed especially when everyone deserves to have the ability to live their life the best they can.

This is where advocates need to step up fight to protect those who depend on these laws so they can be treated with respect and protecting them from being taken advantage of.

Tune in tonight we discuss this further… Tune in at