Special Education Matters 

Posted: October 23, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability News
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Special education funding is now being put in jeopardy. This has recently came out in the past 24 hours by multiple sources. 

Funding is key for public schools and private schools to help give the students  receive additional resources. Now with these changes can ultimately effect those students who are receiving additional resources. 

Special education is key to give students the best opportunity to learn. as well as making sure the students get the resources they need while they are in school.

These changes will further limit special education teachers as well keep those students from being able to achieve their goals to be in an more inclusive environment. 

Students strive to in an more inclusive environment which special education does give students the ability to work towards that goal along with giving students more accessibility. 

We can’t just forget how important special education is. Special education plays a vital role for those students who are working to be in a more inclusive education setting. 

Those who are in office can’t seem to understand how vitality of special education is those who are in it. Many graduates who were special education are ability to succeed not only with those who are teaching the students who are in special education. 

The students also have the ability to use assistive technologies and if funding is in jeopardy it will ultimately take away those technologies away from those who need it all because those who are in office think the funding doesn’t matter. 

We need to hold those in office accountable. If you know someone who will be effected by these changes contact your congressman and women about these changes since it should be addressed. 

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