5 Challenges of Travelings with Invisible Disability 

Posted: August 8, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Awareness
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Growing up I was faced with struggles when it related back to traveling with my disability which made things challenging not only for me growing up but for my family as well. 
The first challenge I faced was getting as familiar with an area that I wasn’t familiar with in the first place and being a child I heavily relied on maps to get an understanding of how my family was traveling to each destination. 

The second challenge was that I liked to be always on time especially depending on how far away the destination was. 

The third challenge was I had to ask questions about the area in which we were traveling to and as a child it was very repetitive for my parents. 

The fourth challenge was being able to do something while on long car rides or flying. Flying wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me growing up since it was the fear of the unknown. 

The fifth challenge had to be knowing what we would be doing when we arrive at the destination. 

Looking back these challenges I’ve experienced I’ve adapted to each vacation my family took as well and figuring out how much I was able to adapt to each travel experience. 

We recently discussed on The Satirically Challenged Show about how there is an app to help families that have kids on Autism Spectrum Disorder that would help to improve their travel experience and help find areas that their children can feel relaxed at and also find different places that aren’t overstimulating for their children.

*Disclaimer to all of our viewers this is post is about my own experiences I’ve had while traveling as a child. Each person is different when it relates to traveling and everyone has there own experiences.*

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