NYC Disability Pride Parade 2017 

Posted: July 2, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Awareness
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Next weekend is New York City’s Disability Pride Parade which is being held July 9th and Spechless’ own Micah Folwer will be the grand Marshall of the parade which the route is from Union Square and ends at Madison Square Park. 

This will be our second time being at the Disability Pride Parade and it’s an annual event. I wouldn’t miss out at being at this event because it’s a great way to help bring to light awareness of all disabilities and the community does come together which is a great thing that more communities should also start a Disability Pride Parade since it’s also helps bring people together. 

The most important thing is bringing the community together and that’s what matters. 
There’s communities where those with disabilities do not have access to technologies and other resources that would help them to get the most for filling lives they can have with better access fit their needs and each persons needs are different. 
On another note this will be our second year in attendance at the parade. Last year they had different vendors near Madison Square Park which is a great way to learn about what resources are available in New York City as well as different activities that strive to bring people together. Last year there was also different food trucks at Madison Square Park as well. 

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