The Grown-Ups Film 

Posted: June 14, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Awareness
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We recently went to the Human Rights Watch Film Festival premiere of The Grown-Ups Film which is a film that focuses on adults who have Down Syndrome and issues they face to live their life to the fullest in workshop employment setting. 

The film got me thinking how much those in other countries who have disabilities and mental illnesses are treated not as adults but children which is terrible when they want to have the same experiences as an average person who is a nerotypical person. 

There’s a need for changes since they shouldn’t be treated as children when those in the film are 40 years old and older. They want to be able to have a good job and be paid the same as the average person who is doing their same job. 

More countries need to take into account what they are doing and how the common experiences like getting married should be something that those who have significant others want to have someone to share their life with and also have the ability to do so. 

It also made me think of Chile treats those who have Down Syndrome in away where they have no rights when they are capable of working and living their life to fullest. 

One question I asked while seeing the film at IFC Theater Center in New York City was did the film make a societal impact? The director said it did in the sense that the film did help to change a law for employment and minimum wage standards. 

Tonight they are showing this film at Film Society of Lincoln Center if you are in the New York City area please attend this film you will come out of this film thinking about how people are unable to have the same experiences as an average person and how much change is needed. 

For more information about The Grown-Ups you can learn more about the film at

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