Healthcare on The Minds of Many

Posted: May 8, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability News
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Healthcare has been on the minds of many as of late especially those who have pre-existing conditions. This latest repeal of the current health insurance bill which passed in the senate really does effect those who have disabilities and veterans too.

Those who have disabilities like myself are truly concerned about this state of affairs. As it remains to be seen this will really prevent those from living their life since healthcare costs are so high for those who live on a budget.

This bill leads us to have more questions then answers. When we hear from mainstream media that those who voted yes did not read the bill only leads us to question their authority when they are putting lives on the line as much.

We can only hope keep speaking out against this change especially when the bill didn’t even include pre-existing conditions. We can’t give up on letting our voices to be heard when you feel something isn’t right and when there is a need for care and it is either going to be limited or even worse off that insurance companies would just drop people with pre-existing conditions.

Living with a pre-existing conditions I have learned that the care in which I am able to obtain is something that will only help but taking the care away from myself and others will only lead to a very unsettling path in which will lead to being fear and the constant worry of would certain healthcare costs be still covered.

So many organizations have already spoke out about the bill and there is a need for more organizations to speak out to not only say that it isn’t the best idea and it will lead to more people not being insured.

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