McDonald’s Breaks The Internet? 

Posted: May 3, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Current Events
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McDonald’s just invented a fork that is to be used for French fries. It’s taken over the internet yet we can focus on a fork that is only to be used for French fries. 

McDonald’s is one of those fast food chains want to compete with other companies yet they came up with this. Who really wants to use a fork just for fries? 

They could’ve just came up with something better than this. We know Starbucks came up with the Unicorn frappichino yet McDonald’s wants to get people in the door with fork? 

It seems McDonald’s is trying be as ground breaking as other companies just with a fork? Does this even make sense? It’s unclear what they will do with their newly invented fork and time can only tell. 

Tune into when we ransack McDonald’s for their latest internet fail at this is my own opinion. 

Tune at 10pm EST for more insite on this topic and so many other topics at

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