United Has Hit New Lows

Posted: April 19, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Issues, Disability News
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This just in….. United airlines just hasn’t learned from their mistakes by kicking a paid passenger of his flight things are getting worse for United since a man who has a disability wasn’t allowed take his mobility device on his flight which is just as wrong the past issues with United.

This news is sickening in addition to other the situation which happened with a passenger in Pennsylvania which lead him to being kicked off his flight because of his disability by American Airlines. Why isn’t anyone stepping up to stand up for these cases that happened. The FAA should be doing more for these situations when people rely on having accessibility no matter what kind of disabilities they have especially when they are flying.

The ADA protects people who have disabilities for having access in public places and airlines have to go by the ADA guild lines which means accommodating the passengers no matter what. No matter what kind of disability they have.

This leads me to believe that the airlines can just pick and choose who gets the accessibility which is totally wrong and goes against the ADA as whole when accessibility comes into question.

More needs to be done to get accessibility access for those who needed and not just allowing the airlines to just pick and choose. The man who was in this situation isn’t looking for an apology he wants to be compensated for the additional expenses the airline costed him.

If I was in his position I would definitely looked to be compensated for the expenses while on a vacation. This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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