Living with Anxiety and Traveling 

Posted: April 18, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Awareness
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Recently a YouTuber SaraSnitch made two videos about Anxiety and today she released a video about how she goes to Disneyland and she spoke more depth about the places in the park where she or others could go if you feel anxious.

I’ve grew up going t to Hershey Park with my family as a child. Growing up I never really thought I had any anxiety issues until I started to get older and there would be times where I get anxious if I wasn’t sure of where I was. The biggest challenge when I faced and continue to face is the willingness to want to travel to different places in the world but yet try not to have any anxiety which my anxiety tends to come out prior to flying.

I tend to have to kinda have some idea of what’s going on so then I can basically get the chance to use tools that I learned to get myself calm. This has been the case since I was a child.  You would think I would have anxiety in cities like New York City I don’t because I’ve managed to go there so often I feel secure. 

Each person who has anxiety is effected differently with how anxiety effects them as a whole. Mental illness needs to be discussed more and it’s something that does have a stigma attached and it’s unfortunate that so many people can be either ill informed about mental illness or just be so unaware of the challenges others face when they have some form of anxiety or mental illness in general.


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