The ABLE Act Might be Getting a Facelift 

Posted: April 12, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability News

It was reported by Disability Scoop that there’s a chance that there will be be potential amendments hitting the senate floor the potential amends will include the potential for those who have the accounts to able to save more money if they are working. 

It’s great to see these changes that might be coming to the ABLE Act. I would hope that those who supported the ABLE Act continues to support this act since this will provide so many the ability to save more money while they are working and I would hope that they also look into more ways for people to say without facing issues that they might not have thought of during the time they were enacting the ABLE Act as a whole. 

Some accounts didn’t even include passing the accounts down to other family members who have disabilities. There’s always the ability to make changes to make the ABLE Act better than it is. 

Either way it’s a success that they are willing to make changes to help make sure more people can save money and also more than the limitations they’ve set. 

I would suggest before starting any able accounts you do your research since each state is very different and each of their programs are different. 

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