Insurance Giant will Offer Pro Bono Legal Aid for Those Who have Disabilities 

Posted: April 6, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability News
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This just in huge insurance giant is now offering pro bono legal aid those who have disabilities in Ohio will now obtain legal aid  for those who have disabilities to help navigate the Medicaid appeals process. 

Disability rights Ohio and along with nationwide partners in the pilot effort, which will pair volunteer attorneys and paralegals to help the insurance company with clients who are in need of an advocate. 

Many people are struggling with the complexities of the appeal process which is required if they wish to argue for a different level of care or services for themselves and their children. 

There have been pleas for more hours of in home and community based services that are probably most common basis for appeal. 

Mr. Michael Kirkman stated we get quite a few calls. Michael Kirknan is the exclusive director of Disability Rights Ohio. 

Mr. Kirkman also stated that the federally designated legal advocate for people with disabilities but the organization has scaled back on Medicaid appeals representation because of the deman of the other work. 
Disability Rights Ohio has teamed up with Nationwide so more people can slsay have a shot at having someone assigned to their appeal. 

The success rate for an appeal process often tops 90%. He also stated if you have an advocate with you. The rules actually are in your favor the recipient pretty well. 

It’s confusing and preparation for the headings are key. 

The legal department is staffed with compassionate professionals anxious contribute their time and talents to those who are in need of their help to access certain legal services said Mark Howard. He is the president and cjolehal officee at nationwide. He also said that we are excited to meet this community need.

Nationwide has a volunteer network and also encourages their employees to give time to  community organizations. 

As much the free service is available in Franklin and 20 other counties in Ohio, the pilot priest is likely will handle a few dozen cases at first. Kirkman has stated I might be that they can do more. Kirkman said We hope it’s successful and that more will sign up. 

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