Trigger Words do cause Negative Effects on People 

Posted: April 5, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Issues
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Trigger words are damaging to those who have disabilities especially when organizations can use them as their mission statement which Autism Speak did step away from using trigger words in their mission statement since it shows those who have those disabilities that they just want to do something that is too the extreme especially when it comes to not knowing where those disabilities come from. 

Do trigger words really make any difference? In my opinion I don’t think the words truly make any difference or postive impact since they are harmful to those who are associate with the disorder or ailments. 

There’s other way to better help those who have disabilities like actually working to have a more inclusive environment having the ability to have a more inclusive environment it can provide the ability for the person to grow and not to feel like they are left behind. 

There’s a problem when people in general want to work to make situations better than think that the use of any trigger words or phrases are good. As much as the intentions might be good saying those words or phrases do not benefit anyone especially when this will cause those to step away from supporting those groups or individuals who are going to say those words and phrases as a whole. 

There’s other ways to help people and it doesn’t have to be using those phrases that people find distasteful. It isn’t a good picture or site to see. As a society we can learn from these mistakes and make the proper changes to really see what each persons needs are since each person is very different when it comes to their disabilities. It’s worth listening to their needs than assuming you are making the right choice for them. 

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