Stereotyping The Unknown 

Posted: March 30, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Awareness, Disability Issues
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As a young woman who was stereotyped for not only having a disability and was really thinking about the reasoning of why people who are so unsure of the unknown and their own reasoning of why people can make assumptions and stereotypes of people who are different than them. Yes, I am talking about how kids and adults who are not aware of people who are different then them because they face different challenges which could be related to having kind of disability or what classes they are while going to school. 

It just don’t effect those who disabilities. People get stereotyped everyday for being different from the normal. This something that people can relate too. 

I’ve been stereotyped because I was in special education class growing up in a public school which is in a small town. In the school I knew I wasn’t accepted by my classmates. While I was in school I had only a few friends and it was always a challenge for me to feel like I was able to feel like I could have an opportunity to make friends. The friends I’ve made still are friends with me this day. 

After being out of high school for 8 years now I’ve managed to realize that as much as people may not have understood me or put judgements on me which were false. I started to see that I have a voice and I know that I am able of doing anything disability or not.

 I’ve seen more people after high school start to see me as not different but as person and I’ve put aside the differences I’ve had with them since I can see that if they are willing to see me for me and not for the vast assumptions that they posed on me that will lead to more understanding and the will to try to get to me on a more personal level and not trying to always have a competition since life is way too short. 

There’s always room to grow and if you are willing to take the time to learn more about something that you are not aware of and grow as a person and that leads to more the will to be more understanding if you are open to get to know people instead of judging them. 

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