Battle over Accessibility 

Posted: March 11, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in accessibility

Growing up in the suburbs of Pennsylvania there’s accessibility issues for people who have disabilities or not. Bare in mind that the suburbs do have services for transportation to help people get around however it isn’t reliable which tends to be an issue. As much the services are out there I do not use them since I can’t afford to be late to go to appointments which my family has been understanding when it came to this issue. 

When we compare cities and the accessibility that people have especially those who have disabilities public transportation is used daily and it is easy accessibility however there is still a need for more elevator access for those who are unable to use the stairs in the subway stations in New York City at least. 

I believe there’s always room to grow to make progress.  Unfortunately, other countries do not have the accessibility for those with disabilities and each country is different when it comes the accessibility they have for those who have disabilities. 

As a person who has invisible disabilities 

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