Should The World Health Organization Classify Being Single as a Disability? 

Posted: October 24, 2016 by AMCPress And Co in Disability News
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I recently read an article about being single might now be classed as a disability. As a person who has a disability how can you classify being single as disability. The World Health Organization has just made this announcement. It shocks me when it comes to this announcement. 

This definitely a controversial announcement since The World Health Organization doesn’t know the reasons why someone may not have a sexual partner or be in a relationship. 

This announcement will cause controversy without any doubts. This news is far from being a reasonable announcement especially when there’s people who have disabilities who might find this to be offenses. The World Health Organization doesn’t know why someone doesn’t have a partner or what struggles that people face trying to find the right partner. 

I wonder who came up with this along with their reasoning behind this. Does anyone think that this announcement would lead to backlash because of this announcement? 

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