Remembering Gene Wilder

Posted: August 31, 2016 by AMCPress And Co in Entertainment
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Monday it was announced that Gene Wilder passed away. He will always be remember for all of his works he has done over the years. His legacy will continue to live on with his works. He will not only be remember for Willy Wonka but by all the other roles he’s had over the years. What film do you most remember Gene Wilder for?

I was first introduced to his works through Willy Wonka and The Chocolate factory amongst his other roles. He was awesome as Willy Wonka. I also loved him in Blazing Saddles. My family brought me up with his works as whole. The legacy will continue to live on by sharing his works with a younger generations to come.

I was looking through his IMDB he has done so many projects through out the years. I didn’t realize he was the fox in The Little Prince the 1974 film. Everyone will remember him for different works he has done through out his career. The legacy in which he has created will continue to live on and that’s what counts.

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