AMC’s “Into The Badlands” Renewed

Posted: March 13, 2016 by azodo88 in Uncategorized

Into the Badlands    AMC’s “Into The Badlands” has been renewed for Season two.For those who have not seen “Into The Badlands”.  The six-part series aired during November and December 2015.  The show stars Daniel Wu as a skilled worrior and assassin, Sunny.  Sunny questions himself as to whether or not to stay as an assassin in the badlands because his wife, Lidia, Orla Brady is pregnant.  Sunny also mentors a teenage, M.K, Aramis Knight.

Sunny also works as the Baron’s, Quinn (Marton Csokas) assassin who is in a feud with “The Widow” (Emily Beecham).  The Widow believes that M.K. is the key to her success to defeating Quinn, even though Quinn believes that with M.K. by his side he has the upper hand.  What Quinn does not know is that M.K is working on both sides thus far.

“Into The Badlands” incorporates martial arts into the show and the choreography along with the cinematography captivated audiences, thus being renewed for a second season.

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According to, “Into The Badlands” set to premiere in 2017.

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