“Charmed Reboot”

Posted: March 5, 2016 by azodo88 in Uncategorized

       Actress Alyssa Milano hinted a possibility of a reboot for the show “Charmed” is in the works during an interview on “Entertainment Tonight”.According to inquisitr.com, Milano, who played Phoebe Halliwell in the series for eight seasons (1998-2006) told ET, “We are all open for [a Charmed reunion]! It seems like that’s going to happen any second. I just feel like with all these reunions, and we still have such a cult following, that I feel like someone’s going to put that together at some point, and we’re all totally on board for that!”

Milano previously posed interested in the possibility of a film based on the TV show VIA twitter in 2013.  Former cast members Shannen Doherty who played her sister Prue Halliwell for four seasons (1998-2002) said that she would be interested in 2013 along with Rose McGowan who played step sister Paige Matthews for four seasons (2002-2006) also posed interest in an interview about a reboot in 2015.

There is a Facebook Fan Page titled “Charmed Reunion” which already has 21,431 ‘Likes’

To read the full article, click here

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