A word from Phil

Posted: February 2, 2016 by redhood225 in Groundhogs Day 2016, Uncategorized

EXT. ON A STREET CORNER – HALF AN HOUR BEFORE (CHAZ on his mobile) CHAZ Those top hats, don’t know what their on–Yeah, we never know what they actually do, let alone in the state of Pennsylvania. They honestly think that my cousin’s going to come round this year. They’ve got another thing coming to them, What with Gladis, his wife–and the kids. (there is static coming from the other side) FADE


(PHIL is writing on his blog.)

PHIL (V.O.) They have me doing this again. Last year, it was New York City Mayor who dropped my cousin and he died, but I have a plan—one would say a very cunning plan, see, last year, it was the mayor the year before that and all the stuff leading up to it and why do they have to see my shadow in the first place what is it about déjà vu and time. I’ve had dreams of killing him with my own set of guns. nearly clubbed him I did. I mean how In the world somebody mistake that. It doesn’t make sense. Then, if that wasn’t enough I went to the upcoming Premier of Hail, Woodchuck! Which was put together as some kind of stunt, I don’t know. (Indignant pause) as I entered the cinema there was an idiot in a mascot, that looked exactly like me. I could have snuffed him. I really didn’t recognising him or who I was seen since I am pretty small. My son founded a production company called Trap ‘Em productions it deals with documentary filmmakers and the killing of people who dress up as groundhogs for groundhogs day. Anyway, things haven’t changed with the gobblers Knot. It’s déjà vu all over again. I either seem to see my shadow or I don’t see my shadow. Though there are other things to look forward to like the groundhogs ball as well as the wine and cheese Festival over across the river. I just wish that people wouldn’t dress up in top hat and tails for the occasion it bores me. I guess now the only thing is to celebrate my soon-to-be retirement in March is when I start my siesta and when all the tourists look at my home and think “ what a life Punxsutawney Phil has. What do I think: I think they should never have come.

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