PBS is Planning on Airing an Autism Documentary

Posted: December 7, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Activism, advocacy, Asperger's Syndrome, Disability Advocates, Disability Awareness, Disability Issues, Disability News
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PBS is planning on airing a documentary about Autism. The documentary will focus on love and manage romantic relationships.

The documentary is called “Autism Love” will air on PBS which will be apart of the PBS’ “Independent Lens” series which will be airing in January.

This film debuted early this year at TriBeCa Film Festival. The film follows four people on the spectrum as they seek out and maintain relationships.

One of the couple that’s featured in the film both have high functioning autism and are considering marriage after 8 years together.
Another person who is featured in the film lives with his mom in Los Angeles and struggles to meet girls and date.

The last person who is apart of the documentary has autism symptoms and more apparent than the others who are featured. He is coping with his wife’s battles of ovarian cancer.

Lois Vossen the executive producer of Independent Lens said this film allows us to get to know four remarkable people who have opened up their lives in such an intimate and deeply personal way in front of the camera.

Vossen also stated that their courage to reveal the struggles and challenges they face allows us to understand and empathize with them.

“Autism in Love” is set to air on PBS on January 11th at 10 p.m. ET.We here at AMCPress&Co are looking forward to seeing this documentary. This documentary will be away for people to learn more about the struggles with Autism and relationship. As a person who has a disability myself this is a great thing and there should be more films that inform people more about different disabilities and how the struggles effect those in their lives. Tonight we will be discussing this tonight which will also include our opinions about this documentary at  http://tobtr.com/s/7955255.

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