“United Airlines is Back in The News”

Posted: October 25, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Advocates, Disability Awareness, Disability Issues, Disability News

United Airlines is back in the news for another issue that deals with how they treated someone who flown with who has a  cerebral palsy which the person was forced to crawl off the plane due to the fact that United Airlines forget about him. The man relies on his wheel chair for transportation. He was left waiting for the airline to bring him an aisle chair however no one came. 

It was also reported that the man needed to use the restroom so he ended up taking matters into his own hands so he decided to crawl off the plane to his chairs. 

United Airlines was in the news once before for how they handled a teen who has Autism and they didn’t handle that situation well. 

This news shocks me due to the fact that United once was a great company to travel with. As an advocate for people with disabilities this sickens me since they should realized they forgot about the person. I seriously think they should get training on how to handling these situations. There needs to be something in place for all airlines to make flights better for all who fly who have disabilities. Some airlines are better than others which is unforenate. 

We would like to update you on the progress of this story. United Airlines has issued an apology to the man. This is great news to hear. I hope that United Airlines is working on better assisting those who are in need of assistance.

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