Sesame Street Add’s New Character with Autism

Posted: October 22, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Activism, advocacy, Disability Advocates, Disability Awareness, Disability Issues, Disability News
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Sesame Street has  just announced a new character will be added to Sesame Street named Julia who is Autistic. This is huge news since this will help teach kids about acceptance amongst being away to help reduce the stigma which is attached to Autism Spectrum Disorder. As person who has Asperger’s Syndrome which is apart of Autism Spectrum Disorder I’m thrilled about this news. This is ground breaking for Sesame Street. Julia isn’t the first fictional character to have Autism. I don’t see it being the last.  On another note Sesame Street has worked with Autism Speak and other self advocates when it came to the character. I being an advocate for people with disabilities am thrilled to see Sesame Street adding this new character and also helping to educate kids on acceptance.  The character is wide eyed little girl who also has a big smile. She will have her own digital storybook which is great news since kids can not only see her on tv but also get a chance to have a book that will feature her as well. I am happy about this news since this makes more people aware of Autism. As an adult who has Autism this will give kids the opportunity to accept other kids who are different. When I was diagnosed with Autism it was difficult however if this came out when I was diagnosed it could’ve made things easier than what it was for me when it came to me getting bullied especially when kids don’t understand what it is like to have Autism or being on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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