Autism Speaks President Will Stepdown in 2016 

Posted: September 29, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Disability Awareness, Disability News
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Last night it was reported that Autism Speaks president will be stepping down in 2016. This news comes after their donations have declined. We here at AMCPress&Co do not support the works of Autism Speaks due reasons that relates to what the organization does with the funds. Autism Speaks money’s goes to finding research to cure it which isn’t the best thing to do. There’s has been no data that says what causes Autism along with any cures for Autism. I have Aspergers Syndrome myself I believe that money should go to those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. I feel that it should go towards helping those adapt with Autism so we can live very productive lives. Autism Speaks actually wants to look for a cure and it isn’t something that it needed. 

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