Disney: American Experience Review

Posted: September 15, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Disney
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American Experience has created a documentary about Walt Disney. I am enjoyed the documentary last night. Part two of the documentary will air on PBS. Everything that was in the documentary thus far was very informational. There was things that I didn’t expect and I was shocked because of the treatment of his employees. I know Walt Disney for what created and knowing how innovative he was. As a woman I felt for all the women who worked for Disney when the Walt Disney company was producing the first projects.

It was interesting to see how Roy stepped in to end the strikes with the employees. It’s interesting to see how Disney had his own flaws and he ended up facing debt due to the costs of different productions.

I thought it was something how Walt enjoyed building trains. As much Walt saw all the flaws with Cinderella. The movie is beautifully done and it has been part of so many people’s lives.

It’s awesome how the thought of Disneyland Walt was thinking about creating a theme park for his family. He wanted to make the park a place where families could have the ability to go and not have to worry about it being dirty.  Disney is a legend as much as he struggled through his life. I remember watching the black and white TV specials about Disneyland.

I think it’s awesome how dignitaries came to Disneyland to get to see a cliff notes version of the United States was something that most people wouldn’t expect to happen. He captured an essence of a happier times where there was no conflict in the different areas of the parks. I thought that was cool. Disney never got to see the finished product of Walt Disney World. His legacy will live on through the creations that Walt Disney company produces.

In closing I still think of Walt Disney as innovative man who faced struggles and ended up facing challenges like everyone else in the world. We know the persona of Walt Disney which he left with every special he had for that created to show what was going to go into Disneyland along side the films which he created alongside the animators.

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