The Disney Channel is putting a focus onto Autism in an upcoming episode of “Girl Meets World” which is also an Emmy nominated comedy.

Disney Channel will be airing this episode on September 11th which it will be exploring the developmental disability.

Disney Channels Officials have also said that they’ve worked with three autism experts to “help deliver an authentic storyline that can spark conversation among kids and their families.”

This episode has been dubbed “Girl Meets Farkle,” Frakle Minkus wonders if he has Asperger’s syndrome and receives support from his friends Riley and Maya, the network said.

“Girl Meets World” is its second season which the original cast members Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel as Cory and Topagana Matthews focus on the experiences of their daughter, Riley. When it comes to “Boy Meets World” and now “Girl Meets World” they’ve been focussing both on issues that kids face. Having a disability and being a fan of “Boy Meets World” this is a great thing that Disney Channel is doing.  I find that this is one episode I’ll be watching since I am not only an advocate for people with disabilities and have a disability myself its definitely progress when it comes to Disney Channel with focussing on disabilities and inclusion for those who watch “Girl Meets World.”




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