Knoebel’s The Best Kept Secrets in PA

Posted: August 22, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Family Owned and Operated Theme Park, Free Amusement Park, Knoebels, Pennsylvania, Theme Parks
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Knoebel’s is one of the best kept secrets in Pennsylvania. It is one park that has been around since the 1920’s. It has remained in the family since it started. The theme park is free to park and also you don’t have to worry about paying any fees to access the theme park. Knoebel’s has been awarded best park food for 5 years in a row. The food is reasonably priced along with having the sense of not having to rush when it comes to rides. If you want to ride rides they have different ways of paying for the rides and it is worth going there. There is other parks which have made it a challenge for families to go places on a vacation with their families. This park is reasonable for families and goes a great job at it. I have been to Knoebels three times and it still never gets old. I tend to enjoy Knoebels more than Hershey Park. I have been to different amusement parks the ones I enjoyed I was able to go on the rides I like those parks for this reason. I enjoy Disney World a lot this also goes for Knoebels as well. Knoebels makes it possible for families to go on vacations a yearly basis possible.

They have been on different lists for the best wooden rollercoasters in the United States which is awesome in it of itself. This is a place which is kind of off the grid. They have campgrounds along with a mini golf course within the park. The employees are great. They do offer three free museums which is great.

Knoebel’s is the best kept secret in Pennsylvania since it is a place that people just forget about it or not even thought about going too since there is so many other theme parks in the world. It is one theme park that has so many rides for those who like the fast rides down to rollercoasters which is fun for those who like rollercoasters. I myself don’t like rollercoasters. I myself enjoy the fast ride which are enjoyable for me. The prices are reasonable all around. You can’t beat the prices at Knoebels. They  also have different specials depending on when you are planning on going to Knoebels as well.  If you haven’t planned on going to Knoebels definitely check out the site at In my opinion Knoebels is one of the best theme parks in Pennsylvania especially since it is the only free theme park in the world.

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