To Hunt or Not To Hunt?

Posted: August 5, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Cecil The Lion
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Tonight we’ll be discussing how Cecil was wrongfully hunted and it made me start thinking how far can someone go and hunt a wild animal only for the purpose of hanging it on their wall especially a creature that is so beautiful that is also protected since lions are endangered. I grew up understanding why people like to hunt animals to prevent over-population. In my honest opinion I believe if someone is hunting for the purpose of feeding their families that is fine in my eyes especially when different states allow people to hunt animals that potentially start over-populating different communities which in the USA there is game commissions which states what animals are allowed to be hunted.

In other news related to the wrongful killing of Cecil the lion the person who wrongfully killed Cecil trial is postponed until September. The owner of the farm where Cecil died will also face changes since he is accused of allowing the hunt to on his land without the proper paperwork. Tune into night to AMCPress&Co’s podcast we’ll be discussing this in more depth. Tune in at

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