“Best Resturuants in NYC”

Posted: July 8, 2015 by AMCPress And Co in Best Bites, reviews
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We would all love to go to inexpespive restaurants when you go to New York City. There’s so many different places while you are in the city which range in different prices. I recently went to a place on Ludlow Street in NY. It’s called Taquitoria which is inexpensive Mexican food. It’s worth going to especially for late night bites. 

The second place I enjoy when I’m in the city is called Burgr which is a short order burger joint that serves great burgers. It’s a place that if you want something quick to eat and you are near 59th street in NYC. It won’t disappoint. When it comes to getting a great sit down meal there’s a few places that I enjoy when I’m in the city. 

Bento One in Little Italy has amazing food and you get the best bang for your buck. Everything in Bento One is amazing and be ready for a large meal. Definitely go there when your hungry.  The Redhead is another good sit down restaurant. I’m sure you saw it featured on Diners, Drives, and Dives. If you are looking to have pizza while you are in New York City definitely go to Lombardi’s Pizza. Their pizza is great and they only take cash at Lombardi’s Pizza. Do make sure you take cash when you go to Lombardi’s. Definitely check out these places because you won’t be disappointed. 

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