Floyd Mayweather’s Ex May Have Gotten An Abortion, But He’s Still A Jerk

Posted: May 2, 2014 by AMCPress And Co in Uncategorized


mayweather shanel jackson

Floyd Mayweather, who has an estimated net worth of over $300 million, made headlines when he posted a photo of his ex-fiance Shantel Jackson’s sonogram pictures with documents stating she aborted their twins. His smear campaign continued when he shared photos of Shantel without makeup and pre-plastic surgery. His followers immediately called him out for the childish behavior and began to question his intentions behind the cruel and degrading act.

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“Floyd Mayweather is the biggest PIECE of SH*T in boxing. He leaks 2 days before his PPV that his ex had an abortion. Anything for Sales. SMH The issue is not about abortion but privacy. I hope Miss Jackson sues Floyd for trying to destroy her publicly,” one Tweeter said. “Really Floyd did u have to blast her for the abortion tho?? That’s her body & choice ‪#PETTY,” said another.

Really Floyd did u have to blast her for…

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