If Google+ Heads to the Grave, at Least It’ll Have Direction

Posted: April 25, 2014 by AMCPress And Co in Uncategorized


Google may be about to drastically alter its social plans with Google+, now that the executive in charge of the project, Vic Gundotra, is leaving the company.

At least that’s what a couple of anonymous sources are telling TechCrunch. Gundotra announced his departure on Thursday, and TechCrunch says Google+ will become more of a platform than a full-blown Facebook competitor. Google may also stop mandating that all new products contain social integration–a move that hasn’t helped Google+’s reputation in the past.

Google has half-denied the story, saying the news of Gundotra’s departure doesn’t change the company’s plans. (It’s always possible that a change in strategy was in the works before Gundotra announced he was leaving, allowing Google’s statement and TechCrunch’s story to both be true.)

But if major changes to the Google+ strategy are afoot, that’s a good thing. The Google+ project has long been a muddled mess of…

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