Review on “Jack and Jill”

Posted: November 15, 2011 by AMCPress And Co in Movie Reviews

I recently went to the movies and seen “Jack and Jill”. It is a very good family movie and In my opinion it is worth while to go and see ” Jack and Jill”. I find it too be a great family movie. In my opinion I think the comedic references are amazing. I would give it five stars since it is a family movies and the cameos were Regis  Philbin  and Al Pacino. They both were awesome and Al Pacino was awesome. Adam Sandler was amazing he really can pull off playing two roles. Adam Sandler gets five stars since he had to play dual roles.

  1. CMrok93 says:

    One of the last lines by Al Pacino in the film is, “Burn this.” I agree. I don’t understand why Pacino and Sandler would ever be bothered doing this junk, but then again, both of their careers have sort of started to fade. Good review. Check out mine when you can.


    • AMCPress says:

      I am not really sure of the reasons why they wanted to do this type of movie. Thank you for the comment. It was a good movie for families to see. Thank you for your insight and I definitely will check out your blog.


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