We all know about Brexit…. Disability Rights might be on the line in the United Kingdom since the EU has been a strong influence when it relates to safeguarding rights for people with disabilities. The EU has played a key role in legislation that was put into place in the United Kingdom.

The legislations that were put in place with the influence of the European Union which helped to put these safeguards into place to protect people with disabilities within England.

These safe guards are put into place for a reason and if those who play key roles in government are wanting to pull laws and acts that are meant to help people will cause outrage in which it is needed especially when everyone deserves to have the ability to live their life the best they can.

This is where advocates need to step up fight to protect those who depend on these laws so they can be treated with respect and protecting them from being taken advantage of.

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Have you ever seen yourself being represented in tv or film? I know as a person with Autism I can say that I haven’t seen myself being represented in a film or television since people with Autism are cast as able body people since Autism is an invisible disability and the only series that will have an actor with Autism is a Netflix series which is set to debut this month sometime.

My biggest concern is for those who are under represented in television and film is it fair to portray something that may not be accurate or hire someone who doesn’t have a disability to protay a role that is accurate in it of itself with giving someone a role who actually has the disability to give an accurate point of view and not just allowing a big name to have the role instead.

When casting directors do this it really hinders those from actually seeing themselves accurately portrayed in film and television.

If this continues it will only continue to limit those who want to be in the industry from getting roles that they can provide in film and television.

Mark your calendars for next year’s ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival which is being held March 8-14th of 2018.

This will be our third year being sponsors of ReelAbilities which we are looking forward to continuing to support this amazing film festival.

We’ve had some great experiences while being there not only as sponsors but also as press.

We managed to see amazing films that spark so much conversation and really shows how we all can relate back to film festivals that are shown there no matter what your abilities are.

Speechless has raised the bar so high for new series to bring up the discussion of disabilities as well as bringing diverse casting as well. Atypical is a series that focuses on an 18 year old who with Autism it will be a coming of age story which it will be headed to Netflix.

The series will be an 8 episode series when it debuts on Netflix later this summer. The series will be a half hour show and it will feature a character named Sam and the series will be from Sam’s prospective and those who watch the series will see Sam looking to gain independence and also love. Sam will be played by a teen who’s on the spectrum as well.

This is awesome news especially as a young   woman who has grown up with Autism. There isn’t enough series that feature Autism. If it wasn’t for Speechless this series may not have came to be.
The series will be available for streaming on Netflix beginning August 11th.

I’m definitely planning on watching this series and I’m looking forward to see how successful this series will be.

Glee’s Lauren Potter won an award from ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival. It was awesome that Lauren was honored at the festival. Opening night film is called Sanctuary which is a comedy and the film is amazing. This was the U.S debut at ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival. 

It was an exciting and the film festival is still going on until the 8th of March. If you are in the New York City area definitely check it out and attend one of their films. You won’t be disappointed! 

The second day of the festival consisted of one film early in the day that is called Time to Love: Backstage Tale. It was a great film and it depicted how a teens acted in a play and the process that was attached. 

Then later on there was a Reel Exchange: Press Conference which introduced a their sister film festival in Russia which was filled with a lot of great information about how the film festival is working on advocating for people with disabilities. It’s such a great thing and I’m speaking as a person who has a disability herself. There’s still more work that has to be done no matter where you are in the world. After the press conference there was Shabbat Film, Dinner and conversation which featured a film called The Forgotten. 

There’s always times in your life where you might feel like giving up. It is very easy to just give up and just feeling lower than you even if it may think you may not have a voice especially when dealing with a the current issues which are currently going on. You can bring to light issues you feel strongly about no matter if it is on a local level.

There is a great need for all of us to be heard and not forgotten about when dealing with current issues that have been on the news. There is a need for more advocates to speak about education, disabilities issues and so many other issues which are very rarely focused on.

We can be heard by contacting local officials and senators. This is one way to hold them accountable and knowing that they can’t keep ignoring their constituents. Their is a bigger need for us to hold those in office accountable.  If we choose to not have a voice and just give up that only means that we will be stuck in situations that we won’t like nor would be acceptable as a whole.  We can stand together and keep raising our voices on issues that we are faced with.





CVS is Making Strides for a More Inclusive Work Environment

Posted: November 13, 2017 by AMCPress And Co in Disability News

CVS has been making progress for a more inclusive work environment for those with disabilities. This is progress in the making since they are training their employees with mock stores which would provide a better training for their employees and also help those who need any accommodations when learning the job at hand.

This model can be done by other corporations since it will only help provide better training for those who need extra help with learning the tasks especially in relation to retail jobs. More has to be done to provide a better work environment for all without hindering those from gaining work experience.

This is one of the best models I’ve seen as of late from any businesses whom are looking to be hire those who have disabilities.

This hope for more businesses to jump on board to provide a better work environment. There’s no excuse for other businesses not to look into this model when last month was National Disability Employment Month.

This shows the progress of each corporation will go for obtaining a better work environment for all their employees. We can hope that more corporations will end stride to make changes.

Special Education Matters 

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Special education funding is now being put in jeopardy. This has recently came out in the past 24 hours by multiple sources. 

Funding is key for public schools and private schools to help give the students  receive additional resources. Now with these changes can ultimately effect those students who are receiving additional resources. 

Special education is key to give students the best opportunity to learn. as well as making sure the students get the resources they need while they are in school.

These changes will further limit special education teachers as well keep those students from being able to achieve their goals to be in an more inclusive environment. 

Students strive to in an more inclusive environment which special education does give students the ability to work towards that goal along with giving students more accessibility. 

We can’t just forget how important special education is. Special education plays a vital role for those students who are working to be in a more inclusive education setting. 

Those who are in office can’t seem to understand how vitality of special education is those who are in it. Many graduates who were special education are ability to succeed not only with those who are teaching the students who are in special education. 

The students also have the ability to use assistive technologies and if funding is in jeopardy it will ultimately take away those technologies away from those who need it all because those who are in office think the funding doesn’t matter. 

We need to hold those in office accountable. If you know someone who will be effected by these changes contact your congressman and women about these changes since it should be addressed. 

Are you ready for Harry Potter and The Crused Child to come to Broadway? Fans will be going to great lengths to get to see the show. Harry Potter the Crused Child is set to be headed to Broadway. It’s going to be giving other broadway shows a run for their money especially when tickets are already sold out. Yes, they are gone before it’s even in previews. 
This is going to be one show that everyone will want to see just like Hamilton for example. Both shows are very different yet they have a lot of fans and this means when it comes time for press days or promotional days it will be mayhem for all who wants to see the cast. 

Pinkhood would be definitely wanting to see Harry Potter and the Crused Child while it’s on Broadway. It seems like it will be the show to see in 2018.  Is anyone ready for Harry Potter and the Crused Child to come to Broadway? Only time will tell how crazy everything will get once the show opens on Broadway. 

SSI Payments Set to Increase in 2018

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This past week reports have came out about the latest COLA increase this is great news for everyone who receives SSI since there hasn’t been an increase in COLA since 2016. 

This is the largest jump since 2012 to include a year too year COLA increase which monthly benefits went up by 3.6 percent. 

The Social Security Administration stated that in 2018 payments will increase to an additional two percent in 2018. The higher payments are triggered by the automatic cost of living adjustment or also known as COLA which is triggered by law whenever inflation rises which helps increase SSI benefits. 

Over 8 million SSI beneficiaries will receive larger payments starting December 29th. The raise will take effect the beginning of January for more than 61 million Americans who are receiving social security will see this raise take effect. 

Social Security officials stated the benefits hike will raise the maximum federal SSI payment for individuals to $750 per month previously it was $735 as of this year. 

Officials also stated that couples will see the highest federal payments will be $1,125 per month up from $1,103. 

Some States also kick in additional money for SSI beneficiaries so actual payments could be higher which is great news. 

Lending a Helping Hand 

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We can all think about ways to help others out during different times of need especially when nature disasters occur.

Here’s a few ways that you can lend a hand during times of needs. You can look into organizations that are reputable in nature to make sure that any donations you make go to the appropriate parties.

Lin Manuel Miranda has posted about an organization that is involved in helping those effected in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.  Please do your part to help those effected.  You can learn more about the Hispanic Federation at https://t.co/pxx7qvHPdf.


There’s a need for those in politics to take a step back and realize that if help goes come into those who were effected by Hurricane Maria those in office will be causing major humanitarian crisis.

There’s also two islands that are apart of Puerto Rico that haven’t even been discussed on mainstream media and they were also effected by the Hurricane Maria as well. There’s no excuse for the lack of coverage when there’s families in the United States mainland that are concerned for their family members.

If the government officials don’t step up it will lead to more loss of life which could be prevented by giving those who are effected by Hurricane Maria access to basic necessities so they can live.

Here’s a full list of organizations that helping those effected by donating to the following organizations:

Global Giving has a $2 million goal for victims of Hurricane Maria.

Save the Children

Catholic Relief Services


Direct Relief

International Medical Corps

United For Puerto Rico


International Medical Corps

Huge cause for Concern 

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I would like to preface this by stating that this new bill hasn’t been voted on yet. It’s something that needs to spoken about more. 

Few days ago we spoke about this on The Satirically Challenged Show this new bill will ultimately effect public areas if it goes through. The bill is in the process to be voted on by U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC. 

I wonder if those in office understand that the ADA isn’t something that you can just weaken without consequences for many people who depend on having access to accessibile areas. 

The ADA makes provides laws that require accessibile entrances to restaurants, hospitals and hotels. This new bill would weaken the laws that are meant to provide access to those with disabilities. 

Will those in office be held accountable if the ADA is in weakened state? 

This change would ultimately show that United States is willing to go back to the dark ages. The one thing that we can do is call our local officials about this since the ADA shouldn’t be weakened. 

This was first brought to our attention for The Human Rights Watch article which helped to inspire this article since this topic needs to brought up more especially on mainstream media. This isn’t something we should let slip away. U.S. House of Representatives will be voting on it soon. 

This is something that we shouldn’t remain silent about especially with knowing the consequences of this new bill if it goes through. 

This is something that more organizations should be discussed on mainstream media. We can still lend your voice to this latest bill that still has to be voted on.