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It’s sad how many people buy into theories that the world’s going to end. Mankind is always going through changes through out history. I feel that those who say “the world is going to end” is using tactic known as fear mongering. Those who inflict fear into others lives just plain bad people. In my opinion it is just wrong for people to use this tactic is just cruel. I myself don’t buy into it since I find it a cruel tactic. There is shows out about the end of the world. Yes some of the TV series are okay others not so much in my opinion. No one really knows what’s going to happen. In all reality there is figures that people discuss that have predicted the end time. I watched a show where it was said that not all of the things that were predicted by the person were not in his books. Many people who were on the show I saw believe that what was stated by this person can be considered to be a fable.