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There is times where you hit a crossroads in life it doesn’t matter if you do have a disability or not. We all strive for success and there is times where you feel like things are getting in your way. You aren’t alone with feeling this way. You may want to give up on the things you are working on. I myself have Asperger’s Syndrome and I won’t allow anything to get in my way. I feel like we can’t give up on the goals we have since we have the ability to succeed in life. It doesn’t matter if you are disabled or not; everyone has challenges in life.


Life is always filled with challenges no matter who you are. This month I had my fair share of challenges in life. I have been feeling down about has happened in my past. Today, I realized that my relatives aren’t as close as we once were. My grandma was the one person who kept everyone together. She passed away in 2002. It was very hard for me not to mention she was there for me when I was going through rough times in my life. May is a challenging month for me.

Have you ever felt like life has been throwing you a curve ball?

There has been times I felt like nothing is going right in my life then I think about everything I have accomplished in life. There has been times where I felt down and out I really think about all the friendships I made. You can overcome those challenges in your life. When things start to feel like nothings going right always think of your goals. 

I know that those challenges I have won’t hinder me. I will continue to be successful when it comes to helping others. I am not going to give up. Your not a lone especially when you feel like things aren’t going as planned.

Is it possible for you to build a friendship with your parents? I believe it is possible since I’m 22 years old and I have built a friendship with my mom. She is one person in my life who understands me. I can talk with her about anything. She isn’t afraid to tell me how she feels about things going on in her life. When I was growing up she was a parent first now since I am older we have an understanding that is different from my friends. I think it is very possible for people to build a friendship with your parents. My dad is a cool dad however he isn’t afraid to rein everyone in when problems occur. My dad was in the military so he raised me and my siblings with the military background when it comes to doing things in life.

There is times we may feel down in life. You aren’t alone with feeling down. You can get through it sometimes you may not see the potential you have in life. I have days where I feel down about myself. When I feel down I think of how much I accomplished in my life. I think of those who read AMCPress and those who follow AMCPress. You can make a difference in others lives.