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“A Failing System”

Posted: February 27, 2015 by AMCPress & Co in Activism, advocacy, AMCPress, Defying Odds
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We can all be successful in life it’s just a lot harder when people with disabilities are put into a system that is supposed to help them get Jobs and live productive lives. There’s so many sterotypes out there with disabilities which is quite sad. We can’t also forget that places that there’s still discrimination of people with disabilities which still happens as much there’s things in place to help people with disabilities get employment. Yes, there can be other factors that comes in when people are looking for jobs. When it comes to people with disabilities it isn’t easy for them to get work because of their work history and companies may not want to give them a chance to work which isn’t easy when we want to work and make money and live productive lives. The agencies that are out there don’t see what the clients with disabilities want either especially when becoming business owners is meant to help this group of people live productive lives. I myself have faced struggles when it comes wanting the agencies that are helping me get a job but my love is working full time and being an advocate through AMCPress & Co. I feel that the groups out there are meant to help people who have disabilities but they under-estimate people with disabilities which is very sad. We can all be success and people need to give people a chance. Everyone has the ability to live successful lives. Yes, there has been some major changes when it comes to people with disabilities like the ABLE Act which is a great start there needs to be more changes. People with disabilities can’t afford to losing their SSDI or SSI because of the government can’t vote. That’s quite sad that they have lives in their hands. We can’t stand by and let the government have our lives in our hands. Contact your congressmen and women and your state representatives because if you or your families will allow the government officials to have your daily lives in their hands which won’t be good. 

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“Happy Veterans Day”

Posted: November 11, 2013 by AMCPress & Co in AMCPress, Holidays

AMCPress wants to thank all those who have served in the military and those who continue to serve in the military. I as the founder of AMCPress wants to thank everyone for making the sacrificing their lives to go and serve our country.  I grew up as a military brat since my grandparents served in World War II. My great grandparents also served in the military as well. My dad was in the Army and the Army National Guard.  He taught me to be a strong woman.