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Recently a report came out that the jobless rate for people with disabilities has showed little change for October.  The stats show that the jobless rate for October is slightly higher than September. The report showed that October’s jobless rate is at 10.5% verses September’s jobless rate was at 10.4%.

The economy as a whole has seen a robust growth with 271,000 jobs during the month of October, the Labor Department’s month report indicated however the same agency has also stated the unemployment rate for the general population has dipped to 5 percent.

The feds began tracking the employment among people with disabilities in October of 2008. There isn’t enough data complied to establish seasonal trends among this population, the stats for this group are not seasonally adjusted.

The data on people with disabilities covers the ages of 16 years who do not live in institutions. The first employment report specific to this population was made available in February in 2009. The reports are released on monthly basis.



This past Halloween Target ran ads that promoted disability inclusion within the ads for their Halloween costumes featuring a child who has a physical disability.

The ad was the first ad to include a child with a physical disability by an american chain store. I think this is a long time coming to help promote inclusion in the work place and inclusion for those who have disabilities. I think more stores should do something similar when it comes bringing inclusion to those who have disabilities no matter if they hire more people with disabilities. There is a need for disability inclusion no matter if you are looking for jobs and also setting an example for stores.

I would hope this sets an example for other stores and retailers. This makes an impact on people who go to Target and it shows families who have children who have special needs.

What are your thoughts on Target including a child in their ads that features a child with a physical disability?

A report came out recently which has stated that there  has been fewer characters with disabilities on prime time television. The current  depiction of character who represent characters with disabilities is at 0.9 percent.  In comparison last season had 11 different characters with disabilities.

These figures came from an annual report which came out this past week from GLAAD; which is an advocacy organization for gay and lesbian community. If you didn’t know about it. They made assessment of minority represented on tv during 2015 to 2016 season which they included a look at disabilities as well.

Fox leads the networks with four characters with disabilities which on its schedule currently. While ABC is expected to have two characters which have disabilities. On the other hand CBS and The CW have one character each that has a disability however NBC doesn’t currently have characters with disabilities on any of their series which was found in the report.

On cable ABC Family features two characters with disabilities. Showtime has one character who is featured a disability. Currently Hulu has one character with a disability.

In the report it goes into how the characters where considered to have disabilities if they were covered under the ADA which is the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The portrayals of disabilities have been slated to appear in “Empire” and “Rosewood” and “Scream Queens”. ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Marvel’s Agent Carter”. CBS’s “NCIS New Orleans”, “The 100” on the CW will have portrayals of characters of disabilities on these current series.

On cable shows “Switched at birth” and “Pretty Little Liars” on ABC Family and Shameless on Showtime. Hulu will be featuring a character with a disability on the Australian drama called the “Neighbours” which the report stated.

It’s unfortunate that there hasn’t been any series who have featured characters with disabilities since the disability community should be featured on tv series since there are people who out there like myself who have disabilities are wanting to have some form of inclusion when it comes to being depicted on series. This is one reason for people to create series to help include characters with disabilities on different series that they create. As an advocate I want to see more characters out there with disabilities on different tv series and in other forms of media done in the proper manner.



Sesame Street has  just announced a new character will be added to Sesame Street named Julia who is Autistic. This is huge news since this will help teach kids about acceptance amongst being away to help reduce the stigma which is attached to Autism Spectrum Disorder. As person who has Asperger’s Syndrome which is apart of Autism Spectrum Disorder I’m thrilled about this news. This is ground breaking for Sesame Street. Julia isn’t the first fictional character to have Autism. I don’t see it being the last.  On another note Sesame Street has worked with Autism Speak and other self advocates when it came to the character. I being an advocate for people with disabilities am thrilled to see Sesame Street adding this new character and also helping to educate kids on acceptance.  The character is wide eyed little girl who also has a big smile. She will have her own digital storybook which is great news since kids can not only see her on tv but also get a chance to have a book that will feature her as well. I am happy about this news since this makes more people aware of Autism. As an adult who has Autism this will give kids the opportunity to accept other kids who are different. When I was diagnosed with Autism it was difficult however if this came out when I was diagnosed it could’ve made things easier than what it was for me when it came to me getting bullied especially when kids don’t understand what it is like to have Autism or being on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.