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The  feds inicated that less than half the states meet the obiligations under the special education law. 

The U.S. Department of education just reported that 19 states qualified to meet requirements which was designations for 2013-2014 school year. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. It states that the education department must evaluate states on an annual basis. 

The ratings carry a significant weight. When a state fails to meet the requirements for two years or more. The department of education would step in and take action, which would include corrective action plan or withholding funds and among other steps to help correct all issues. 

This is the second year that the department of education relied on stricter measures to assess compliance. 

The previous states were graded based on adhering to procedural requirements like completing evaluations or due process hearing. The Feds are taking into account students preformance and functional outcomes for kids with disabilities. Which this would taken into account as well for an addition compliance. The states were notified by letters dated 30th of June. About there standing. 

This is the nineth consecutive year, the Feds said that Washington, DC “needs intervention.” The same designation was given to the state of Texas for the second year in a row. The states that were determined to “meets requirements” for 2013-2014 school year are Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

There’s still more to do to make sure all needs are met for all students and no matter if someone is in special education classes or not. Every student should have the ability to have a good education. It also doesn’t help that the department of education can take funds away from schools that maybe struggling to meet the obiligations there’s no excuse for the schools not keeping up with this obiligation to meet the special Ed requirements. I think there is other ways to go about correcting the issue of special education requirements. It can hinder students to learn. 

I recently read on Disability Scoop that some of the biggest tech companies are coming together with a new commitment that is designed to make their products more accessible for people with disabilities. The companies include: Facebook, Dropbox, Adobe, Microsoft, and Yahoo are signing on to the new initiative dubbed “Teaching Accessibility.”.

The tech firms have said  that they would begin start incorporating standard language when their job posting indicate that they prefer applicants with accessibility knowledge.

“The reality is that most recent graduates with computer science degrees do not have experience or appreciation for the need to build for disabled individuals. We recognize that we need talented engineers with experience developing accessible products to make our products available to everyone,” wrote Larry Goldberg, director of accessible media at Yahoo, in a post announcing the company’s participation in the effort.
In addition to businesses, the new collaborative also includes several universities and advocates at the American Association of People with Disabilities.

Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and a handful of other academic institutions are committing to better prepare their students to incorporate accessibility in engineering and design as part of the initiative.

“While making all tech products accessible is not mandated by law, Yahoo and our peers believe that it is simply the right thing to do,” Goldberg wrote. “We want to make sure that our users have equal access to the services we provide, whether or not they’re disabled.”

This announcement came days before the 25th anniversary of the ADA. This is great news that the tech companies are working to provide more accessibility when it comes to people who have disabilities. When it comes down to it more people should have the ability to gain access to products that are available to those who use assistive technologies to help benefit people no matter if you need to use assistive technologies to help them with working or using it to help in day to day lives. This leads me to believe that change will be coming for those who have disabilities like myself. We here at AMCPress&Co are thrilled with this news coming out. We will keep you updated on any new or interesting stories that comes along. In the mean time please check out all of our articles from past.

  The IRS is trying to purpose rules for Able Accounts which goes hand in hand with the ABLE Act which goes hand in hand with the ABLE Accounts. The IRS would like those who use the accounts to have more paperwork so the IRS can approve the use of the monies. 

They also are claiming it is free however if it was a free account people who would use the account would need to document everything like a new phone which is a need for someone who needs be in touch with people. It wouldn’t be good for everyone who has disabilities.

  It would lead to those official potentially being voted out of office because there’s so many people with disabilities in the USA.  It will be up for public opinion for 90 days which is 3 months. This was first reported by Disability Scoop. 

As much as I’m an advocate for people with disabilities. I do have a learning disability too. I think if the IRS ends up wanting to put rules and more paperwork into place it wouldn’t make getting the account and help those who want to have independent lives. 

“A Failing System”

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We can all be successful in life it’s just a lot harder when people with disabilities are put into a system that is supposed to help them get Jobs and live productive lives. There’s so many sterotypes out there with disabilities which is quite sad. We can’t also forget that places that there’s still discrimination of people with disabilities which still happens as much there’s things in place to help people with disabilities get employment. Yes, there can be other factors that comes in when people are looking for jobs. When it comes to people with disabilities it isn’t easy for them to get work because of their work history and companies may not want to give them a chance to work which isn’t easy when we want to work and make money and live productive lives. The agencies that are out there don’t see what the clients with disabilities want either especially when becoming business owners is meant to help this group of people live productive lives. I myself have faced struggles when it comes wanting the agencies that are helping me get a job but my love is working full time and being an advocate through AMCPress & Co. I feel that the groups out there are meant to help people who have disabilities but they under-estimate people with disabilities which is very sad. We can all be success and people need to give people a chance. Everyone has the ability to live successful lives. Yes, there has been some major changes when it comes to people with disabilities like the ABLE Act which is a great start there needs to be more changes. People with disabilities can’t afford to losing their SSDI or SSI because of the government can’t vote. That’s quite sad that they have lives in their hands. We can’t stand by and let the government have our lives in our hands. Contact your congressmen and women and your state representatives because if you or your families will allow the government officials to have your daily lives in their hands which won’t be good.