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Posted: September 26, 2015 by AMCPress & Co in Activism, advocacy, AMCPress & Co Updates, AMCPress&Co
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We here at AMCPress&Co would like to give you the fans a little update that relates to our new URL for our Blog Talk Radio station. Our new URL is We made an update to our Blog Talk Radio station with our new URL.

I am sure if you’re not aware there was a video posted up about Fat Shaming that was entitled Dear Fat People the creator of the video is a Youtube star Nicole Arbour.   The video was down right wrong since she is calling out all the fat people in the world. She has not only not starting a discussion but putting more people who are suffering from eating disorders and other conditions at risk. I myself am not a skinny person however I am very aware of my condition that I have and how I got that way. Everyone was is human. I don’t know Nicole as person at all. In my opinion she needs to own up to what she has done.  She is making a fool out of herself and she sounds as if  she is uneducated. We here at AMCPress&Co don’t approve of what Nicole has done on Youtube.

She won’t understand until she walks a mile in everyones shoes who go through there struggles with weight issues. I know I am still struggling with my weight issues however what she said won’t get me down. I’m all for eating healthy and I do but I still struggle with weight issues because I have my own health issues. The comment about a disability card is down right wrong. We promote positive body image of all shapes and sizes. Fat shaming is not only wrong those who do fat shame people seem to have there own issues and self esteem issues since they think they can just get away with doing this and not seeing that there is consequences for there actions.

We here at AMCPress&Co appreciate if you tune into our show in 5 minutes when we discuss this topic more in depth at We are taking calls so definitely call in as well.

Did you ever think there is a link between people who have Autism and being creative? Recently the BBC has done a study which as showed that people with Autism shows that those who have Autism are creative. It’s awesome that this study has come out with since it does make an impact for those who are diagnosed with the Autism since everyone does think differently and people can be creative when it comes to what they do when they are faced with problems. This is a sign that more people can see what people can do instead of them underestimate their potential.

I am creative in my own way and running AMCPress&Co I tend to be creative in the ways I come up with new ideas which we here at AMCPress&Co are working on new ideas. Our podcast shows how creative we are with incorporating satire and disability news into one show which is unique listening experience. Tune into tonight when we discuss this new study which we find to be an awesome find with the study. Listen in at

Federal funding for autism research has yo-yoed in recent years, but  is on the rise which was reported in a government report finds. In between 2008 and 2012, federal dollars for autism research as grown 45 percent, reaching $245 million in 2012 according to the Government Accountability Office.

The increase is due to the part of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which is to stimulus effort in a response to the recession which boosted funding for autism research over $288 million in 2010 before spending back the funds. 

11 federal agencies gave out nearly $1.2 billion in funding for autism research between 2008 and 2012. The majority came from the National Institutes of Health. Though overall the funding increased, spending remained disparate by category, according to the GAO. Biological research consistently received the most support followed by efforts to examine treatments and interventions, causes, diagnosis as well any infrastructures and surveillance.

Funding for services and the lifespan issues have remained low throughout the years which have been assessed. The GAO report came at the request of U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee and Senator Patty Murray from Washington who has led the Senate’s education committee along with other members of Congress. The finding have been sent to the lawmakers in June however the finding were not released to the publicly until last month.