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The Simpsons honored the people of Paris in Sunday’s episode. It’s great that The Simpsons will be paying tribute to the people of Paris. The episode will feature the now iconic image of unity  which was designed by French graphic designer named  Jean Jullien in the aftermath of the November 13th attacks. 

In addition ‘The Simpsons’ have paid tribute to victims of tragedy in the past. In January the creators of The Simpsons  honored the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attacks which in the episode Maggie Simpson was bearing a flag which had the words Je Suis Charlie. We are all coming together and standing by Paris along with other events that happened in the past. 

“E! Cancels The Soup After 22 Years”

Posted: November 18, 2015 by AMCPress & Co in TV Series
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Sad news for The Soup fans out there. After 22 years The Soup is ending on December 18th. The Soup was formally named Talk Soup where John Henson hosted it along with Aisha Tyler and more during the early 90’s.   Joel McHale has hosted The Soup since 2004 or so. It is sad to see it end.  I guess everything must come to end at some point. The Soup had numerous hosts who were apart of the series through out the years especially when it was known as Talk Soup.

I just hope E! doesn’t decide to add another reality tv series to their programming  since this series is ending (that would be unfortunate) and if that is that is case it would make it easier for me not to watch E! ever again. No matter what they will do what they want. It wouldn’t surprise me that they would add another reality show to their programing.  Nothing can replace The Soup after the series comes to an end. Every episode has been filled with laughs and it never gets old.  I personally love watching The Soup any chance I get.  Countless celebrities have been guests on The Soup through out the years.

How do you feel about The Soup being cancelled? This is a fail on E! for cancelling this series. You won’t ever get anything better than The Soup on E!.


Standing By Paris

Posted: November 16, 2015 by AMCPress & Co in Current Events
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We here at AMCPress&Co are holding two shows which relates to the tragic event that happened this weekend in France. Tonight we are discussing the latest news about the tragic event. Our thought are with all the victims and their families during this time. The world is standing by Paris at this time. You can tune in tonight and listen in to these shows at Wednesday night show can be found at

We here at AMCPress&Co want to honor our veterans. We want to thank all those who have served in the military, navy, marines for their service.  We can’t forget about all the military families that are out there.  Tune in tonight when we discuss issues that involve veterans and other topics of the military. Tune in at 10pm eastern time at